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Though it wasn't the first model in Samsung's Galaxy series, the Galaxy S3 earns a place on this list for a few reasons. A powerful phone crammed with every feature available, it (and the later GS4, GS5 and GS6) became the iPhone's strongest foe and it remains a prime (though maybe not the best) example of Android's potential. Also, its widespread availability, global launch, and Samsung's marketing muscle introduced even more people to their first smartphone. But just as important, it sparked the long legal battle between Apple and Samsung that really went to court.

As announced in a Google+ blog on Thursday, Google Glass wearers can now tap into Foursquare, Tripit, and OpenTable, apps all designed to take some of the hassle out of planning and navigating your latest excursion, Tripit helps travelers map out an entire itinerary by organizing all of the airline, hotel, and restaurant bookings and providing directions to each place, Through Foursquare, people can track down $1 iphone 7 cases and check in at restaurants, stores, and other nearby businesses, And with OpenTable, travelers can find and make reservations at restaurants in the area..

Glass has already been aiming to steer travelers in the right direction. An app called Word Lens translates text seen through the eyes of Google Glass into the wearer's native language. Last year, Google outfitted Glass with the Field Trip app to identify nearby places of interest. Glass users can add the new Glassware through the MyGlass app. Google is inviting users to submit photos and videos of their summer Glass-wearing excursions on Google+ by using the hashtag #travelthroughglass. (Via TechCrunch).

The company sent out invitations to the media to its "Samsung Galaxy Premiere" event, set for June 12 in New $1 iphone 7 cases York, While the invitation offers scant detail, the tagline "Tab Into Color" suggests a new version of its Galaxy Tab line of tablets, Samsung has been eager to press its momentum in the tablet business with a plethora of sizes and models as Apple has begun to see a deceleration in sales of its iPad, Samsung's tablets, however, still haven't reached the heights of success that its smartphones have, On Wednesday, Samsung told The Wall Street Journal that it had sold more than 11 million units of its Galaxy S5 flagship phone since its April launch, outpacing the previous version..

"We got too busy to think about it too much," he said while at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas this week. The milestone, announced Tuesday, comes at a time when Evernote is busy expanding beyond the digital world. Founded in 2008, the company's main product is a note-taking app that lets users store and sync information in the cloud. The company unexpectedly launched a line of physical products about six months ago, and it is actively designing Evernote for a slew of wearables, including the Pebble and Galaxy Gear watches.

Evernote now boasts 101 million users, with 75 percent of those outside the US, The growth in the international market is not too surprising to Libin, who said $1 iphone 7 cases 50 percent of the app's users were international within the company's first year, And while the figure is a landmark for Evernote, Libin has a much bigger goal, "What we're really trying to do is build for busy people," he said, "There's about 1 billion of those people in the world."He's estimated the amount of "busy people" in the world by calculating the number of LinkedIn professionals who work primarily with information, and adding students since they will enter that professional world..

Evernote has tough competition, particularly from productivity titan Microsoft and its slew of office products, and cloud-storage company Box, which launched Evernote competitor Box Notes in June. It's unclear how many users Box Note has, but Box's business service has a total of 20 million users. Microsoft Office, on the other hand, has already hit that 1 billion user mark. That doesn't deter Libin. He thinks the apps built by Microsoft are continually less relevant to how people approach productivity. Part of his strategy to get more folks on board with Evernote is a continued focus on the relationship between the physical and digital world.

While people found it odd that Evernote wanted to sell everyday physical items like backpacks, wallets, and socks, Libin $1 iphone 7 cases said the company is pretty happy with the results, Evernote has sold about $7 million worth of stuff since it launched its marketplace, About half of that revenue comes from people who have been using Evernote, but have never paid for software, Libin said the extra revenue stream is nice, but the real benefit of the products is practicing design, "The idea is we want to experience designing for the real world," he said, "The line between hardware and software is continuing to blur, and it will go away in your everyday interaction in the world, The next stage, 10 years from now, people won't be able to separate the real world from the digital."This also means apps will go away, including Evernote's, he said, It's a topic that's been discussed before with digital assistant technology like Google Now and Siri serving up various services, essentially making apps redundant, Libin said Evernote is gearing up for this transition..

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