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Cal ISO officials are preparing for a minute-by-minute process of ramping up production from natural gas and hydroelectric plants starting at about 9 a.m. as the sky starts to dim until about 10:20 a.m when moon’s shadow will block about three-fourths California’s sunshine. “Think of it as pushing a gas pedal,” Gonzales said. The process will continue in reverse with gas and hydro plant shutoffs as the sun returns until the eclipse is over shortly before noon. Cal ISO officials are working to make sure that the natural gas plants have enough fuel for the day. And the hydro plants at the state’s dams and reservoirs are preparing for strategic water releases to turn turbines as needed, say Cal ISO officials.

The recent wet winter has left state’s reservoirs with plenty of water, giving them the flexibility for such water releases, State officials alvares dance shoes won’t know exactly how much the eclipse will affect California until they can see the weather forecasts a few days before it’s due to hit, If the eclipse happens in the middle of a heat wave that drives up the demand for electricity to run air conditioners, more substitute sources will be needed, Gonzales said, But so far, Cal ISO officials haven’t asked people to use less electricity to avoid blackouts..

Yet, Michael Picker, president of the California Public Utilities Commission, sees the upcoming eclipse as a teachable moment for energy conservation. Why turn on carbon-emitting power plants when millions of Californians could instead switch to efficient LED light bulbs, unplug televisions and other electric devices, and maybe turn up their thermostats by a few degrees? he asks. The eclipse may be a good time to turn things off and then go for a walk and, well, enjoy this rare cosmic event, he said.

“We all can dance with the grid,” Picker said by telephone, “We can all be active participants rather than passive subjects.”, He is calling for Californians to cut their power use by 3,500 megawatts during the eclipse, which is more than half alvares dance shoes the state’s anticipated solar power loss that morning, Meanwhile, Danny Garcia, the assistant general manager for power resources for Riverside’s public electric utility, said the city expects to lose about half the power from its 125-acre solar plant near Mt, Rubidoux, and the same proportion from the city’s hundreds of home rooftop systems during the eclipse..

But the city has a natural gas plant used in peak energy demand times that will be used to make up the difference. Garcia also expects the eclipse to have a cooling effect that will reduce electricity demands. But officials with Cal ISO say any cooling from the eclipse won’t make much of difference on the statewide power grid. TOP SOLAR STATES. Here’s how many homes were powered by solar in 2016. California: 4.7 million. North Carolina: 341,000. Arizona: 446,000. Nevada: 362,00. New Jersey: 309,000.

Source: The Solar Energy Industry alvares dance shoes Association, HOW TO CONSERVE ENERGY, Unplug home electronics: 23 percent of the electricity used to power homes is consumed while the devices are turned off, Replace light bulbs: If all Californians upgraded to LED bulbs, the state could reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to those produced by a coal-fired power plant in one year, LED bulbs use at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer, Time of Use: By using appliances, such as dishwashers, air conditioners, and washing machines, after 9 p.m., people may be able to cut their bills and reduce their use of the most expensive, carbon intensive forms of power..

Just a few days after having the plug pulled on its headlining performance at the BottleRock Festival in Napa Valley for going over the strict curfew, Foo Fighters released a brand new single titled “Run” Thursday morning. Related ArticlesWatch Foo Fighters and crowd rock after BottleRock pulls plugVideo: BottleRock act Foo Fighters play secret show in NapaWatch: Foo Fighters crush rumors they’re breaking up with hilarious videoThe accompanying music video for “Run,” which was directed by Foo frontman Dave Grohl, features each band member sporting old age makeup and performing in a dingy nursing home. The song starts off slow, with Grohl’s voice cooing “Wake up, run for your life with me.” It’s a bit jarring to see him with his long, white Gandalf-like beard and hair, but as the track builds he puts the extra tresses to good use, whipping them back and forth ferociously as some gritty guitars take over and the riots begins.

(Disclaimer: The video contains mature, adult-themed content), The old men and women in the audience start to come to life and rage in the senior living center while the music blasts away, Grohl’s screaming vocals adding fuel to the fire as the old folks stage dive, mosh, throw up devil horns and retaliate against the staff, including a snippy nurse played by actress Missi Pyle, Musically, the song perfectly blends calm and chaos, with Grohl’s “before time runs out” sounding the alarm for people to literally “wake up.” In the video, the alvares dance shoes battle cry sets the old folks free as they take to the streets, accosting a group of youths and commandeering their vehicle and vape pens, There’s also an epic dance number #xe0; la Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at the end..

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