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On the payphone across the room, diners find a white slip with 1-900-CRUSHED, a wink to when Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character Zack Morris comes up with a money-making scheme to offer relationship advice for profit. Bayside High principal Mr. Belding’s office, complete with wood paneling, a desk, and bookcase of trophies and textbooks, is in a private dining area just off the main room. “We just tried to pay attention to all those details,” said Derek Berry, the pop-up’s co-partner, and a super fan. “It’s going to intrigue your friends on social media and make you think, Did I see everything?”.

Or everybody, On select nights, organizers will book different stars from the TV show to make an appearance in character, Dennis Haskins, the actor who played Mr, Belding, stops by opening night, “We don’t want to be intrusive,” Berry said, “If they feel comfortable coming in to see what it’s like, we’ll book them.”, One cast member thrilled to take part in the pop-up is Ed Alonzo, who played The Max’s proprietor, Max, During a sneak peek on Monday, April 30, the balera canvas ballet shoes 49-year-old actor and magician marveled at the pop-up’s interior and how it took him back..

“What was so neat is I used to be able to walk off of the set of the restaurant and then suddenly be behind what was just wood and some two-by-fours,” he said. “It broke the illusion of it all. But this is the real deal. If you step out, you’ll get hit by a car. “It’s a real place,” he said, as the smell of food started filling the restaurant. When it opens, Saved by the Max will serve a chef-prepared menu that references the show’s characters, places, and episodes. They include the Mac and Screech, Bayside Burger, the Kelly Kapowski Monte Cristo, and Tori’s Fried Chicken.

Cocktails, spirits and beers, plus a selection of non-alcoholic beverages on the menu also wink at the show, Tickets are required to experience Saved by the Max, but there will be a limited number of walk-ins on most nights, The $40 price includes admission and meal, “You get 90 minutes in here to do whatever you want,” Berry said, “You can walk around, take photos, and then eat your food, We treat it like dinner and a show.”, When: Now booking through balera canvas ballet shoes September 2019, Where: 7100 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood in the West Hollywood Gateway complex..

Like many a music journalist, I’ve cringed hearing the oft-cited observation that “writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Usually but never definitively credited to actor Martin Mull, it’s a line that came to mind when I got word of KQED’s ambitious new video series “If Cities Could Dance.” Produced by Kelly Whalen and Claudia Escobar, the eight-episode series tackles the Mull equation from a reverse angle. What can movement tell us about urban spaces?. Judging from the first three pieces, which are set in San Francisco, Detroit and New Orleans, dancers can serve as harbingers of change and manifestations of generations-old traditions. They can embody resistance to harassment and oppression and enact rituals that transform public spaces into catwalks or protest zones. More than anything, the videos capture the way that human bodies are active agents on urban streets, refusing to be confined or defined by built environments.

The series kicked off on April 10 with an episode shot in San Francisco featuring Jocquese Whitfield (aka Sir JoQ)and vogue dancers Shea Mizrahi and DJ Spiider turning downtown streets into backdrops for their dramatic poses, April 17’s segment captured Detroit dancer Erika “Red” Stovall reclaiming street corners and abandoned settings with moves gleaned from West Africa via the Mississippi Delta while talking about the need for women to feel safe balera canvas ballet shoes in public spaces, And April 24’s irresistible video documents Rodrick “Scubble” Davis displaying his rhythmic footwork with a bevy of second line dancers in New Orleans..

“We filmed Scubble dancing in front of the Candlelight Lounge, a place he used to stand outside listening to brass bands playing all night, but he couldn’t get in as a kid,” said Whalen on a conference call with Escobar. “There’s such an amazing tradition in New Orleans, but it’s even more powerful and deep when we marry a dancer’s movement to these locations.”. The series posts a new episode every Tuesday through May 28 (full disclosure: I contribute music stories to KQED Arts as a freelancer, and my wife works as a science reporter for KQED). A grant from the Oakland-based Kenneth Rainin Foundation allowed the series to take on national scope, with upcoming segments covering Portland, Oregon aerialist Jack StockLynn and his Sir Cupcake’s Queer Circus (May 8), San Jose’s popping Playboyz Inc. crew (May 15), and leading figures in Baltimore’s explosively kinetic style-club dance (May 22). The series concludes back home in Oakland with a piece on Frankie Lee Peterson III, a muse for a wide array of Bay Area choreographers.

In some ways, “If Cities Could balera canvas ballet shoes Dance” came about because earlier KQED Arts pieces on dance “did really well,” Escobar said. “We decided we wanted to create a whole series around dance, with all the videos very related to the city and the street.”, “The camera loves movement,” Whalen added, “These artists, through their bodies, are reminding us of the soul and the diversity of these places in a way that’s very visceral, We find that whenever we take dance, or any art practices, off the stage and into a novel location, something magic happens, Audiences love these kinds of experiences.”..

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