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“People Magazine Investigates” (10 p.m., Investigation Discovery): Season 2 features 12 more compelling stories of ordinary people thrust into the spotlight following notorious crimes. Each hour-long episode takes viewers to the heart of the crime and is interlaced with archival footage, dramatic recreations and emotional interviews with those closest to the cases. “The Voice” (8 p.m., NBC). “Kevin Can Wait” (8 p.m., CBS). “Lucifer” (8 p.m., Fox). “Supergirl” (8 p.m., The CW).

RICHMOND — The community, and especially drummers and dancers, are invited to the all-day, eighth annual ballet shoes movie cast Richmond Native American Pow-Wow on Nov, 25 at the Richmond Police Activities League gymnasium, 2200 Macdonald Ave, The event is scheduled from 10 a.m, to 6 p.m., with the “Open Gourd, Grand Entry’ at noon, There will be contests in several dance categories and hand drum, as well as for Pow-Wow Princess, according to an announcement from the Richmond Pow-Wow Committee, The theme of this year’s powwow is “Honoring our Resiliency.”..

Post-college confusion, becoming an adult, and yes, even simulated puppet sex are some of the weighty topics coming to the Sunnyvale Theater beginning this weekend. The Sunnyvale Community Players is taking on the challenging—and unabashedly risque—task of putting on “Avenue Q,” a Broadway musical that captured the 2004 Tony Award for “Best Musical.”. Though the show clearly takes its cue from Sesame Street, theatergoers be warned, it isn’t for those learning their A-B-C’s. It comes with a strong parental advisory in promotional materials, warning viewers of adult situations and language and noting the show is not recommended for children.

The show opens Saturday and will run through ballet shoes movie cast Nov, 19, Show director Walter Mayes says that rather than teaching basic childhood lessons one would find on Sesame Street, it instead imparts experiences that young adults may need to know as they move into adulthood. The story, equal parts raunchy and heartwarming, follows a cast of young adults–both live actors and puppets, “You have a diploma at (age) 22 or 23, so now what?,” Mayes asks to set up main character Princeton’s post-college dilemma..

“What if children’s television decided to deal with young adults and instead of teaching things like spelling, it teaches you about commitment and German words like ‘schadenfreude’ and teaches you to do good things for others?”. “Avenue Q” follows Princeton’s hunt for an apartment and job in a big city, fresh off earning his bachelor’s degree in English. He starts out looking for lodging on Avenue A, but finds he can only afford the rent on less desirable Avenue Q.

Princeton’s story is accompanied by plenty of odd-ball songs including “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” and “The Internet is for Porn.” Some of these songs were performed by the Sunnyvale Community Players at San Jose gay bar ballet shoes movie cast Renegades last Saturday before WooWoo’s Cirq-Us Halloween drag show, Artistic director Matt Welch, who had a big hand in choosing this season’s shows, said he was excited to take on the various challenges “Avenue Q” presents for the company, noting it can bring in different audiences than the ones Sunnyvale Community Players usually draws..

“I think bringing it to this theater is something very fresh and different than what this organization has been doing. It’s lighthearted, I think it will be a great escape for people. Some smaller companies have done it, it’s achievable, it’s a big name that people recognize,” Welch said. Mayes said he was excited to take on a musical targeting a younger age group than most. “Twenty- and 30-somethings love this show because this is what they’re going through,” Mayes said. “It’s harder to draw 20- and 30-year-olds to see live theater than it is is to draw senior citizens, and like a lot of theaters in the country, seniors are the ones that come.”.

Part of the show’s challenge comes from the props and puppets themselves, The Players rented puppets and a functioning two-story set with windows on the second floor for characters to pop in and out of, Both the show puppets and rehearsal puppets, replicas of the puppets used in the Broadway show, are rented from Music Theater International, According to Mayes and Welch, most of the cast did not ballet shoes movie cast have any puppetry experience prior to the show, A puppetry coach was brought in to teach the actors how to handle their puppets as well as how to perform alongside them, Puppets interact with actors as characters, without anyone making a distinction, The puppeteers are clearly visible and, according to Mayes, the actors portraying puppets have a lot on their plate..

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