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In recent years, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Cost Plus World Market have exponentially increased their inventory of Hanukkah paraphernalia, from ugly sweaters to retro menorahs. But if you’d rather support a local nonprofit, stop into the Second Annual Hanukkah pop-up at Reboot in the Mission District of San Francisco. Beginning Nov. 30 through Dec. 3, Reboot will be selling all manner of gifts, collectibles and specialty items “to inspire anyone interested in Jew-ish life.”.

Think on-trend Hanukkah goodies, from ugly sweaters and Cards Against Humanity Hanukkah Games to a stainless steel latke server from Rite Lite and a Dr, Dreidel Knit Coozy for your water bottle or glass of Manischewitz (yes, it tastes slightly better cold), But shopping isn’t everything, Reboot is also offering tons of Hanukkah-themed programming for the whole family, so we don’t just have to sit around discussing latke recipes, Here’s a taste, — Listen to ballet shoes pointe The Great Hanukkah Debate (real holiday or made-up to make Jewish kids feel better about Christmas) with author Ayelet Waldman, comedian Heather Gold and Rabbi Sydney Mintz..

— Build a Lego menorah with your kiddos ($10-$20 to take it home). — Catch a sneak peek of the new 2018 short film “The Whole Cinemagillah” by Emmy-nominated filmmakers Tiffany Shlain and Ken Goldberg. — Get your groove on in a glow in the dark dance party with live music by The Four Flames (featuring Dan Lebowitz). — Sip on a Screaming Latke cocktail made with bourbon, Manischewitz, bitters and twisted lemon peel. — Drop in for Mah Jongg with Sara Levy Linden’s Mahj Club.

The 50-year-old “Dancing Pig” neon sign marking the former site of the Stephen’s Meat Products sausage ballet shoes pointe factory at 105 S, Montgomery St, has been dark in recent years but may come out for another spin, The Preservation Action Council last week launched a campaign to restore the porcine landmark to its former glory, The neon pig with a bowtie around its neck did a simple jig for years, shuffling its hooves back and forth while promising “pure pork sausage” to passing travelers, Handcrafted by Electrical Products Corp, of California, the sign has become a beloved San Jose icon since the sausage factory opened in the 1950s..

The plant was torn down 10 years ago for a planned professional baseball park that didn’t pan out, so the publicly owned one-acre site has remained vacant ever since. At some point the prancing pig started to fizzle out before coming to a complete standstill. “Pieces have been going out over the past two years,” Preservation Action Council Executive Director Brian Grayson said in an interview. “I don’t know when the dancing part finally finished, and of course, now it’s not dancing at all.”.

Although there’s no immediate threat ballet shoes pointe to the sign from development when Google eventually plants its roots in the area, Grayson said there’s no time to waste to repair and save it, “It didn’t get much maintenance and continued to deteriorate,” he said about the sign’s “long and slow” decline, “If we wait much longer, there won’t be anything to save, so that’s the reason we started the campaign.”, The agency that succeeded San Jose’s dismantled redevelopment agency owns the land and has supported the group’s efforts to save the sign, but Grayson said renovations require private funds, Hence, the Preservation Action Council’s fundraising campaign..

“It could be in the tens of thousands of dollars aside from general maintenance,” he said. “It really hasn’t been maintained in quite some time.”. Some of the work needed includes replacing neon tubes still filled with mercury and patching up some surprises found by a technician who inspected the sign last week. “We didn’t realize from the ground, when he was up there, determined there were two bullet holes in the sign as well,” Grayson said. Power still appears to be running to the sign, as indicated by a clicking sound at its base, giving hope to its fans that a day will come when the pig dances again.

It was the night of the grand finale, a full two hours of entertainment, a reunion of all of Season 25’s competitors, and the awarding of the Mirrorball Trophy in the last one minute of the show, I’ve never seen host Tom Bergeron cut it so close in all the years I’ve watched “Dancing With the Stars”, After Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson were named in third place, it ballet shoes pointe was down to Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold, and Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas, For the last two days, the two couples have matched dance for dance and perfect scores for perfect scores, With matching totals of 140 points, it was all up to the votes of viewers, both last night and during a “Last Chance” vote for the East and Central time zones..

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