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OAKLAND — Bucking bulls and dancing broncos are a rare sight in urban East Oakland, but about 3,000 people who flocked to a dance and jaripeo — Mexican rodeo — near the Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline on Sunday afternoon hope it’s not the last time. Seven bull riders and more than a dozen assistants entertained the crowd, most of them in cowboy hats and boots, ready for the ‘ah!’ ‘oh!’ ‘wow!’ and ‘ouch!’ reactions as bulls gave rough rides to the brave Mexican cowboys who challenged the 1,000-plus-pound bovines. But not before master of ceremony Ruben Serrano asked the audience to remove their hats and remain silent while he recited “A Cowboy’s Prayer” as bull riders kneeled and bowed their heads in the center of the ring, a tradition in Mexican rodeos.

Bull rider Angel Diaz, of King City, quickly got hit in the left cheek by the bull’s head or horn covered with fiberglass cases and wraps to avoid much more serious injuries, such as being gored, Diaz looked like a waving flag as he bloch ballet shoes ad struggled to free himself from the wild ride, He was OK, not a major injury for what the spectators saw, Maybe a sign that the “cowboy prayer” worked out here, or just luck, Bull rider Fernando Guerrero, 34, of Sacramento, impressed the crowd with a ride that looked as if the bull would shake off that pesky rider from its back, but Guerrero held on to the end..

“It takes a lot of work, responsibility, courage and self-trust,” Guerrero said. His wife, Lorena de Guerrero, said she was nervous, “but I trust in God and him.”. After the bull riding show, dozens of cowboys from ranches in the East Bay and beyond, some drinking beer, rode into the ring to warm up for the horse dancing competition as Mexican bands played good rhythmic music. Small clouds of dust sparked by the dancing hooves swirled between the stage and the ring. The first prize won the Copa de C.O.P.A. and $750 cash. Second prize netted the winner a trophy and $500, with third place taking home $250.

In addition to the bull riding exhibition and the horse dancing competition, the family event included live music from six different bands, dancing, games and other attractions organized by longtime community organizer Jose “Cheo” Ortiz, founder of Community Outreach Program Alternatives Inc, Money raised from the event will help the youth of Oakland, Ortiz said, “I always wanted to have a big event in Oakland, I bloch ballet shoes ad want the money to stay here in Oakland,” Ortiz says, “There is no need to go to other cities, Here in Oakland we know how to make events, great shows.”..

It’s important to make every moment count at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival. After all, this year’s festival, which runs Aug. 11-13 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, has more than 80 music acts — as well as a number of comedians and other attractions — vying for your time. Add in all that tantalizing food, drink and chocolate (which, rightfully, gets its own category) and it’s really hard to know how exactly to spend your days in the park. What you need is a plan. So here’s our hourly guide, detailing exactly where you should be at every moment of the 2017 festival. A complete schedule and other information can be found at

Noon-2 p.m, Kick off the 2017 Outside Lands with San Francisco’s own DJ Most, who bloch ballet shoes ad will be working the turntables at The House by Heineken dance tent from noon to 1:30 p.m, Stick around long enough to get the blood pumping (20 minutes or so), then walk over to The Barbary (comedy stage) and try to score reservations to see Henry Rollins at 2:45 p.m, that day, Yes, you need to make reservations if you want secure your spot at the Barbary, Otherwise, you’re stuck with the standby route, which is not a sure bet..

By this point, it’s definitely lunchtime. And a “best damn cheeseburger” from 4505 Meats sounds like just the ticket. Properly fueled, make your way over to the Sutro Stage by 1:50 p.m. to see Hamilton Leithauser, who you might remember as the former front man of the indie-rock outfit The Walkmen. Stick with Leithauser until around 2:15, then hustle back to The Barbary for Henry Rollins. Note: It’s recommended that those with reservations return to The Barbary at least 15 minutes before the scheduled show time. If you weren’t able to score reservations, you can still try the standby line or, maybe, forgo Rollins in favor of some Dr. Octagon (aka, rapper Kool Keith), who will be rocking the Lands End Stage from 2:05 to 2:55 p.m. Either way, make sure to be up at the Twin Peaks Stage – which is a sizable walk from Lands End – for a healthy dose of Electric Guest, the Los Angeles-based indie-pop act that performs 3:40-4:30 p.m.

Squeeze every ounce of fun out of Electric Guest before venturing over to the Panhandle Stage – just a hop, skip and jump from Twin Peaks bloch ballet shoes ad – at 4:30 p.m, for Noname (real name: Fatimah Warner), the Chicago rapper who raised some ears with her work on Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap” mixtape, Then it’s back to Twin Peaks at 5:15 p.m., for 20 minutes or so of cool noise pop from Sleigh Bells, before making a beeline for the great Belle and Sebastian, which performs 5:40-6:40 p.m, at Sutro..

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