Calietra and JVP: raised access floor in lava stone

JVP is a long established Italian company, able to apply at its best the innovative Made in Italy feeling. Calietra shares this philosophy so as to create a partnership for the raises access floor JVP 4×4 Systems:  panel’s external steel enveloping to ensure the best possible resistance to construction site abuse. After several proofs with different materials, galvanised steel has been chosen as most suitable to guarantee the robustness needed.

The raised access floor is a kind of raised platform designed to have a surface to walk on and to support furniture. It comprises pedestals applied on the concrete slab to support the panels, creating a void for house piping, cabling and many other possible services.

Calietra with its natural lava stone materials allow customization of covering and gives personality and elegance to the floor.

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JVP e Calietra

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