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The story begins during Barnum’s boyhood when, while working in his father’s tailor shop, he falls in love with Charity, the daughter of a wealthy client who would never let his only child run off with the son of tradesman. But once the girl becomes an adult, played by Michelle Williams, she can’t be talked out of marrying her beloved. Fast-forward a few years, to when they’re parents of a couple of kids and struggling to make ends meet. As if on cue, Barnum dreams up a novel way to make money, via a museum of curiosities, complete with human attractions.

After he puts out a call for unique individuals, the movie shows him forming his troupe during a musical montage: There’s the bearded lady (Keala Settle) and tiny Tom Thumb (Sam Humphrey), not to mention the sibling trapeze artists W.D, and Anne Wheeler (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Zendaya), When W.D, warns that people won’t like seeing black performers onstage, the showman replies with a knowing smirk: “Oh, I’m counting on it.”, At first, Barnum isn’t very sensitive to the needs of his employees, When he tries to recruit the man whom capezio hanami leather ballet shoes he would christen Tom Thumb — a dwarf who isn’t interested in having people stare at him — Barnum replies, “They’re laughing anyway, You might as well get paid.”..

But pretty soon, he’s as progressive as a 21st-century Twitter liberal, empowering his group of former pariahs to live their best lives. In other words, you won’t find any evidence here of Joice Heth, the black slave who, in real life, was exhibited by Barnum as George Washington’s 161-year-old childhood “mammy.” Nor does the film include the public autopsy he staged after Heth’s death. Not that this sanitized Barnum is a saint. He becomes a social climber, to the dismay of the beatific Charity. Meanwhile, Barnum’s new partner, a blue blood with the appropriately hoity-toity name of Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron), starts falling for Anne. Perhaps these two lovebirds, along with the rest of the quirky cast, can show Barnum that there’s more to life than money and fame.

Will you buy any of this? Not really, In part, that’s because everything about the movie feels artificial, from the singers’ blatantly Auto-Tuned voices to the CGI acrobatics, The song-and-dance numbers are clearly meant to wow, but technology drains away some of their awesomeness, “Does it bother you that everything you’re selling is fake?” Barnum is asked at one point by a newspaper critic, capezio hanami leather ballet shoes It’s hard not to apply the question to the film itself, Always quick with a comeback, Barnum retorts, “Do the smiles seem fake?”..

He makes a good point, and it’s almost enough to give the movie a pass. After all, there are certainly joys to be had, though some of the music, which was written by “La La Land’s” Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, sounds as if it’s straining too hard for mainstream pop appeal. But don’t overthink it. All “Showman” asks is that you give yourself over to the holiday-cheer machine. Rating: PG (for fight scenes). Cast: Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Zendaya, Jenny Lind.

(Click here, if you’re having trouble viewing the gallery or video on your mobile device.), They call themselves the Rock ‘n’ Roll version of the Rockettes — a group of sassy women who love to “shake their fringe.”, For nearly twenty years, capezio hanami leather ballet shoes the “Devil-Ettes” dance troupe has kept go-go dancing center stage, with PG-rated, bubbly and quirky performances that pay homage to 1960’s-era rock, With white go-go boots, bright lipstick, tiny, glittery devil horns, and stage names like “The Teacher’s Pet” and “The Assassin,” the group brings to life a genre of dance they say is a lost art..

“Over time we have really become about preserving this historical set of dances,” said the Devil-Ettes’ 45-year-old founder, who goes by Baby Doe Von Stroheim. “It’s about that energy and that exuberance and happiness. Go-go dancing is really about having a good time. You can’t not smile when you’re go-go dancing.”. The 14-member, San Francisco-based troupe, which will mark its 20th anniversary next year, will perform at the Ritz in San Jose on Thursday with singer-songwriter El Vez, “the Mexican Elvis,” for a holiday show.

Inspired by the twist, go-go dancing originated in the late 1950s, becoming one of the first genres that didn’t require a partner, Though go-go dancers are often known for their sexy, sultry performances at capezio hanami leather ballet shoes nightclubs or bars, the Devil-Ettes pride themselves on being a clean family act that focuses on the art of go-go dancing itself, The group started in December 1998 as a fluke — several of the women were working at bars and restaurants in the Mission District when they performed a group dance for a holiday talent show hosted by a local bar, Soon after their act, one of the other talent show participants asked them to perform in a gig the following month, Then came another request..

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