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Trinidad: Casa Rogelio Inchauspi Bastida. Run by Rogelio, a retired veterinarian, and his charming wife, Barbara. He speaks a bit of English, she only speaks Spanish. Beautiful historic mansion filled with antiques and with a rooftop terrace. They are friendly and kind. Steep stairs make it impractical for limited mobility or families with small children. Great location right in the historic district, steps from everything you want to do. The best fresh mangos I’ve ever tasted for breakfast. $35-$45 per room per night. Find him on Facebook or Address: Simon Bolivar No. 312. Trinidad. Phone: 53 41 994107.

Playa Larga, Bay of Pigs: In the hamlet of Caleton, the Hostal El Legendario, Right on the beach, this cute, homey capezio pointe shoes review guesthouse is run by friendly folks who will do anything for you, They even ran to the store to buy cigars for us, as gifts, when we wondered what the Cubans smoked themselves, compared with pricey tourist versions, They speak a little English but smile a lot, Phenomenal fruit for breakfast, and cocktails on their cozy, homey beachfront patio, They play great Cuban music on the stereo all day too, unlike the guesthouse down the beach that plays annoying American pop, Try to get the front room with the ocean view; the other two rooms are kind of small and dark (but worth it for the location.)..

A flying steamroller, a Parisian dirigible  — and 202 vintage street lamps. Where are you?. Clue: Returning the miracle to Miracle Mile. Answer: …. This enormous art installation, Chris Burden’s Urban Light (2008), stands outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, showcasing a veritable forest of street lamps — 202 of them, painted a uniform gray and solar powered, so their brilliant lights illuminate Wilshire Boulevard every evening. The eye-catching lamps, which date to the 1920s and ’30s and hail from more than a dozen Southern California cities, have become not only an Instagram darling, but a Los Angeles landmark and LACMA icon.

Burden, who died in 2015, was an LA-based artist who made sensational headlines even as a UC Irvine student, back when performance art was considered shocking, First, he locked himself inside a small school locker for his deeply unsettling “Five Day Locker Piece” (19710), Soon after, he had a friend shoot him with a rifle in a Santa capezio pointe shoes review Ana gallery while a Super 8 movie camera rolled for “Shoot.” But by the late 1970s, he was creating immense performance sculptures, including “The Big Wheel,” “The Flying Steamroller” — which used centrifugal force to loft the giant vehicle into the air — and a dirigible homage to Alberto Santos-Dumont, the first man to fly a dirigible around the Eiffel Tower..

With Urban Light, LACMA director Michael Goven told the Los Angeles Times, Burden “wanted to put the miracle back into the Miracle Mile.”. LA’s Miracle Mile includes multiple museums, as well as the La Brea Tar Pits. There’s no doubting the appeal of Urban Light, but LACMA itself is a must-see, too. It’s enormous, with a collection of more than 130,000 works of art, dating from antiquity to contemporary times, and an ever-changing series of exhibits. “Chagall: Fantasies for the Stage,” for example, opens on July 31 and explores the impact and inspiration of theater, music and dance on Marc Chagall’s art. Find more information, including hours, admission and exhibit details at

As filmmaker Ana Lily Amirpour demonstrated with her 2014 debut capezio pointe shoes review feature — the Farsi-language feminist vampire fable “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” — she is very good at weirdo world-building, Set in a dystopian near-future, the universe conjured by her new follow-up, “The Bad Batch” — a wasteland where examples of America’s human garbage struggle to survive in a desert dotted with trash heaps and encampments of cannibals — feels dizzyingly extreme but disturbingly plausible..

“This isn’t real,” reads a sign in one of the last outposts of human decency, a sanctuary city called Comfort, run by a benevolent despot named The Dream (Keanu Reeves). The scenario feels sickeningly persuasive, given some of the violent, divisive rhetoric we’re hearing these days. It is into Comfort that Arlen (Suki Waterhouse) has wandered, after being cast from civilized society for unknown reasons. Although the no-man’s-land is populated by the undocumented, the sick, insane, poor, weak and the criminals, the film’s heroine seems pretty well adjusted.

The same can’t said for the savages who waylay her on her way to Comfort, Known as the “bridge people,” these man-eaters capture Arlen and harvest one each of her arms and legs for food, After she escapes to Comfort with the daughter of a woman she has killed in self-defense — a little girl named Honey (Jayda Fink) — the story fast-forwards five months to a time when Arlen is able to hobble around on a prosthetic leg while listening capezio pointe shoes review to The Dream expound on his philosophy of governance..

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