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Some memories come back with a sudden clarity, like a short circuit suddenly sending an electric spark along an unintended path. When I visit my 90-year-old mother, Muriel Herhold, at Channing House in Palo Alto every Tuesday, I conduct a delicate dance with her memory, trying to lead her in a few steps from the past. Her recollection is cloudy. She can’t remember that I visited last week, or what she ate for breakfast, or whether her oldest friend saw her yesterday. On certain days, my name comes slowly to her lips — though she knows that I work for the newspaper, and she repeats that distinction proudly to her friends.

Many of us with aging parents deal with the heartbreak of their fading memory, But sometimes recollections come back with a sudden clarity, like a short circuit sending an electric spark along an unintended path, It happened that way last week, when I found her with 20-odd other Channing House residents in a poetry seminar led cheap ballet flats for wedding by Foothill College instructor Diane Lee Moomey, This wasn’t precisely a college honors seminar, As Moomey read in a melodious voice from Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens and Walt Whitman, long silences followed..

You could tell, however, that this was a group of readers. One woman recalled walking through a wheat field as a child, vouching for Whitman’s description of “the bustle of growing wheat.’’. Another remembered trying to read as much of Louisa May Alcott as she could as a girl — “Little Women,”  “Little Men,” and “Jo’s Boys.’’. A third woman flashed a still-lively mind when she edged past Moomey, saying in a clear voice, “I can only see you as an indistinct mass. I’m blind. But you have a lovely reading voice.’’.

My mother stayed quiet through most of this, Then she seemed to stir at a phrase deep in a Wallace Stevens poem about blackbirds, “He rode over Connecticut in a glass coach,” the line went, Leaning forward, I tried to prod her, “Mom, do you cheap ballet flats for wedding remember living in Connecticut? In New Haven? At the Henry Wright Cottage?’’ She nodded, Moomey then read a couple of wonderful poems from Mary Oliver about her dog, Percy, named for the poet, Percy Shelley, One passage described Percy’s impatience as Oliver did her taxes..

“Percy, I say, this has to be done,’’ goes the poem. “This is essential. I’ll be finished shortly.’’. “Keep me in your thoughts, he replies,’’ the poem continues. “Just because I can’t count to ten doesn’t mean I don’t remember yesterday, or anticipate today.’’. After Moomey finished, one woman who was assisting an older friend circulated a picture of Mary Oliver and Percy, the poet and the dog eyeing each other like the old and dear friends they were. When that picture got to my mother, it seemed to jar something loose. “1949,’’ she said. I thought she meant the year she lived in Connecticut, the year I was born.

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“The Fosters” (8 p.m., Freeform): After his fight with Nick over Mariana, Jesus is rushed to the hospital and things take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Callie finds herself in a dangerous situation after taking a ride with Troy and Mariana is guilt-ridden over the fact that her actions led to Jesus’ current condition. “Super Bowl Greatest Commercials 2017” (9 p.m., CBS): Boomer Esiason and Daniela Ruah are our hosts for this annual special. It’s an interactive program, during which viewers will be able to cast votes for their favorite big-game ads.

“Switched at Birth” (9 p.m., Freeform): The groundbreaking drama  launches its fifth and final season, In the premiere, Bay and Daphne return home from their big trip to China after receiving an emergency phone call with some disturbing news, “American Experience: The Race Underground” (9 p.m., PBS): Based in part on Doug Most’s acclaimed non-fiction book, this new documentary explores the battle to build America’s first subway in Boston — and all cheap ballet flats for wedding the engineering challenges, greed-driven interests of businessmen and the great fears of the city’s residents..

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