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The Super Bowl is the holy grail of advertising. Once again, companies paid big bucks — $5 million a pop — to air commercials in the big game. But were you bowled over? Here’s a rundown of some of the more high-profile commercials. Check them out below (if you haven’t already) and let us know which one was your favorite by voting in our poll. (Note: The ads here were made available before the game). With a spot called “Born the Hard Way,” the beer giant recalls its cofounder’s move to America.

Spuds MacKenzie cheap pointe shoes for beginners lives! … Or at least his ghost does, Who knew that opening a beer can could awaken an entire forest?, Celebrities spring to life off their yearbook pages and advise us to follow our dreams, Tom Brady leads a very epic life, It’s finger-lickin’ gold, Really, King’s Hawaiian, A secret stash to hide your rolls, Mahalo, Man and machine are in a groove, Art makes life more inspired — especially if it falls from the sky, It’s halftime in America — and a nation gets its flush on..

These tires will get you home when it matters most. Michelob Ultra. Drink light beer, listen to the “Cheers” theme song and get in shape. Super Bowl baby legends! How cuuuuuuuute. A little Romeo inadvertently makes life sweet for his girl’s family. Justin Bieber wants to see your (unlimited) touchdown-dance moves. Jason Statham and Gal Gadot cause a little ruckus in a restaurant. Wonderful Pistachios. Ernie, the talking elephant destroys a treadmill. World of Tanks. Reality show spoof has moms throwing down.

This ad, called “The Journey Begins,” was revised to omit an image of a wall cheap pointe shoes for beginners along the U.S.-Mexico border, To see how it ends, viewers have to go online, Mercedes-Benz, The Coen brothers directed this ad, which rekindles memories of “Easy Rider”, Cam Newton plays pee-wee football, And rules, Avacados from MexicoA weird secret cloaked society gives us a lesson in subliminal advertising, It’s all about girl power — and equal pay in the workforce — for this ad that sends a message..

President Donald Trump and his wife Melania on Saturday night turned his Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach resort into something like a royal court for a “Vienna to Versailles” black-tie Red Cross gala while outside protesters proclaimed themselves to be “Nasty Women” with plans to “Resist.”. Related ArticlesLetter: Here is how the president can get $8.6 billion for his wall:Trump downplays rise of white nationalism after NZ attackTrump vetoes rejection of his emergency declarationMail bomb suspect Sayoc expected to plead guiltyTrump’s week on Twitter a plentiful one — even for himThe Associated Press reported that the president and his pals wandered from the poolside cocktails to the dance floor while bewigged servers and entertainers wore gowns and get-ups that looked like castoffs from Marie Antoinette and Co.’s closets. The annual fundraiser is a big deal for Palm Beach high society, but this year the event was closed to the press.

The Trumps watched from the head table along with Commerce Secretary (and Palm Beach fixture) Wilbur Ross, In remarks before taking a spin on the dance floor, Trump praised both the Red Cross and ball co-chair J.J, Cafaro, a mall developer convicted in 2002 of bribing former congressman Jim Traficant and in 2010 for not disclosing donations to his daughter’s failed congressional cheap pointe shoes for beginners campaign, One attendee told the AP that Trump stayed for hours and seemed to be reveling in the glow of acceptance of a Palm Beach crowd that had once viewed the nouveau riche developer with skepticism, Standing at a dais with the presidential seal and a glittering gold curtain behind him, Trump looked proud of the trappings of the presidency as he surveyed a room constructed to look like Versailles Hall of Mirrors..

• H’ART Squared 2017, a pre-Valentine’s Day shopping event Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center, will benefit the Kainos Special Olympics Dance Team. Original photography, jewelry, fiber art, woodwork and more created by 23 local artists will be on sale. Wine will be available. Kainos Home & Training Center provides a wide variety of residential and vocational services to adults with intellectual disabilities. H’ART Squared 2017 will help send the center’s dance team to the Special Olympics in Austria. The event runs from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., with a performance of the dance team at 11:30 a.m. Veterans Memorial Senior Center, 1455 Madison Ave., Redwood City.

• A beatnik vibe will fill the Menlo Park Library when PoetryMusic, a duo made up of Chris Lee and Colleen O’Brien, blends chamber jazz with poetry at a free performance inside the Menlo Park Main Library (800 Alma St.) at 7 p.m, Feb, 8, Lee plays the vibraphone, box drum and frame drum and O’Brien plays the cello and voices poems by the likes of Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Jack Kerouac and William Shakespeare, For more information, visit, • The Palo Alto Transit Center’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathway Connection Project will begin construction Monday and last through July, The work will be on the existing pathway and a curb ramp cheap pointe shoes for beginners at the intersection of Quarry Road and El Camino Real, so bicyclists and pedestrians will be directed to an alternate path, The project includes sidewalk replacement and the addition of drought-tolerant landscaping and lighted paths, Questions and comments can be directed to Shahla Yazdy by emailing or calling 650-617-3151..

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