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DEAR AMY: The holiday season has never brought me much joy, except when my (now young adult) children were young. Growing up, my parents always had epic fights on Thanksgiving and Christmas (their fights on all the other days were less epic). Fortunately, my family lives out of state, so we get together with my spouse’s siblings for holiday celebrations. I have longstanding issues with depression. I take medication and see a therapist for it. This year, due to a number of circumstances, I just want to skip the whole holiday thing, especially spending time with my in-laws.

If I bow out, I will be harshly criticized, They don’t know anything about the issues I’m dealing with, nor do I want them to know, I guess I can buck up for the meals, but I have no holiday spirit whatsoever, How do I hold it together for the next two months for my spouse and kids?, DEAR HOLIDAY BLAHS: One thing you could dance shoe store near me do differently this year would be to stop holding it together for your spouse and (young adult) kids, Perhaps they could hold it together for you, You should be honest about the need for rest and space this year..

You have an illness (depression) which can be worse during the holiday season. Even if you weren’t depressed, your parents’ terrible legacy of waging epic fights on holidays would make this a tough annual dance. Your therapist could help you to come up with a strategy to get through these next weeks. If you think you can make it through the holiday meal, great. Drive separately, if possible. When you feel you must leave, thank the host quietly, say you’re not feeling well, and exit without fanfare.

If possible, plan something you enjoy doing, so that you can reward yourself for making it through, It might be driving to a favorite spot and listening to a podcast in your car, taking a long walk or sitting quietly with a good book, DEAR AMY: The letter from “Upset Wife” concerned me, Her husband had become a “troll” on Facebook, posting offensive comments and content, She should definitely “unfriend” him on Facebook, She should also consider unfriending him dance shoe store near me in real life..

(Click here if you are having trouble viewing the video on your mobile device.). DEAR MISS MANNERS: My husband is retiring after 40 years with the same company. The same month, he is turning 70 and we will be celebrating our 45th anniversary. We would like to host a party for friends and family to celebrate with us with a catered dinner, music and dancing. The people we would like to invite include friends from church, our dance friends and company people he has worked with for many years. Our dilemma is that we do not know how to word an invitation, so that people will understand that we simply want them to come and party with us. We are not even sure that anyone would come without knowing the reason for the party, and yet we don’t think it’s necessary to state the cause for the celebration.

Are we going about this all wrong? Can we host a (wedding) reception-like party and convey, in the correct way, that we would love celebrating with friends and family just because we are happy to do so?, GENTLE READER: You do not give your friends much credit, do you? You doubt that they would want to socialize with you without having a specific reason to do so?, On the contrary, Miss Manners is certain that dance shoe store near me they will likely be grateful and relieved that they do not have to feel an obligation to buy presents — for no fewer than three separate occasions..

Issue an invitation to the party and show its degree of festivity and formality by sending hand-written invitations and using formal language. ”Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Many Milestones request the pleasure of your company at Venue on Saturday the 8th of Month at Time.” Please no registry, charity or gift information of any kind. No, not even ”no gifts.”. DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have a relative who is going to try his hardest to come to our wedding from out-of-state. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently using a feeding tube.

He is hoping to be off the feeding tube come wedding time, but if not, what can I do to make him feel not so left out while other people are enjoying their entrees? I already asked his daughter if there was any kind of special course that would be needed, so I can ask if the venue would be willing to prepare it, but she dance shoe store near me mentioned if he was still on the feeding tube they would bring what he needs, I want him to be able to forget his diagnosis for at least one night, but that might not be so easy if he’s not able to eat while others can, What can I do?..

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