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Since there are two casts there are two Tinker Bells, played by Sacred Heart fourth-grader Fianna Orman and St. Mary’s fifth-grader Taylor Demaestri. “I just like acting and make believe,”  Taylor said. “Acting is kind of like free time because you’re playing with your friends. It’s a fun activity.”. Fun to Fianna means “learning new dances and making new friends in rehearsal.”. Neither girl is nervous about being on stage. “I’m on the music spirit team at Sacred Heart, and I sing in front of the whole school for the talent show,” Fianna said.

Of course, the infamous pirate Captain Hook is a major character, and the two boys playing the role have terrific costumes, complete with red velvet coats, hats and fake mustaches, Sacred Heart sixth-grader Christian Moran wears a long, black wig, while St, Mary’s sixth-grader Kurt Miller’s real hair fits the character, dance shoes atlanta so he doesn’t need one, Kurt’s been acting since the fourth grade, “I was watching the Super Bowl with my dad and I started singing during a half-time performance,” he said, “My dad said I sounded good, so I practiced singing in the second and third grades, and performed in ‘Footloose’ in fourth grade, Acting is a good fit for me; I’m pretty good at it.”..

The confidence acting instills in the kids is also obvious if you ask, “Do you have a good voice?”. “I think so,” said Christian, adding he “loves interacting with everyone and having the spotlight on me.”. There’s also plenty of work involved. “I memorized the first part of my lines and my songs before the first rehearsal,” Christian said. St. Mary’s eighth-grader Sophia Fijman is a veteran performer who plays Peter Pan in both casts. “This is a different role than I’ve had in the past. I’ve been a whining orphan, a wicked witch and a rebellious teen. But Peter Pan is more like a leadership role, even though he’s childish and a bit arrogant.”.

Sophia and other eighth-graders try to set a good example for the younger kids, she said, “The younger kids look up to the older kids and follow our example,” Sophia said, “So, I can’t goof off or do anything wrong because they’re all watching me.”, Sophia hopes to attend Archbishop Mitty High School next dance shoes atlanta year because “they have a fabulous musical theater group.”, Clauss, , has been involved in children’s theater for 20 years, He’s been at St, Mary’s for eight years..

“I wanted to do shows from my first year here. I took over the art department in my third year, which led to other art-related endeavors, including the musical theater group,” he said. Students from both schools perform in both casts, Clauss said. “The theme for St. Mary’s this year is, ‘We are one,’ so I’ve tried to be inclusive.”. “Peter Pan” will be performed at St. Mary’s Howley Hall, 219 Bean Ave., Los Gatos. Tickets are available for the March 30 performance at 7:30 p.m. and the April 2 performance at 2 p.m. The 7:30 p.m. performances on March 31 and April 1 are sold out, but it’s likely seats will be added.

OAKLEY — Some parents of eighth-graders are upset by a letter sent home this week that informed them they couldn’t attend the end-of-year celebration at O’Hara Park or Delta Vista middle schools, The letter that parents saw, if their son or daughter remembered to give it to them, noted that the ceremony will be held during the day on June 7 and that parents could view a livestream of the event online, Luis Garcia’s mother-in-law dance shoes atlanta in Peru was planning to attend her 13-year-old granddaughter’s promotion ceremony, She bought her plane tickets months ago..

“My wife’s mother is coming from Peru specifically for that,” Garcia said. “She was really sad when she heard. She was talking to my wife, and she couldn’t believe it was happening.”. Garcia said he wished that the school district had told them at the beginning of the year, rather than now, when the plans have already been made. Barbara Bland Hartman has a 14-year-old daughter who will be leaving O’Hara Park Middle School, and Hartman feels like that should be recognized.

“It’s an accomplishment, you dance shoes atlanta know? We are supposed to support our children in their education,” said Hartman, “If the school thinks it’s too hot for me to sit there, that should be my decision, not the school’s.”, Hartman said that other parents are angry and are ready to attend the promotion ceremony anyway, Superintendent Greg Hetrick admitted that when the district’s only middle school was O’Hara Park Middle School and the community had no high school, they would have graduation ceremonies, After Freedom High School was founded in Oakley in 1996 and Delta Vista Middle School opened, the district started moving away from a graduation assembly to a “promotion assembly.”..

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