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The city notified the Mozart School of zoning violations twice, between February and December 2016. In June, the city agreed to give the Mozart School four to six months to relocate. It also asked First Baptist to provide a list of its tenants. During the Planning and Transportation meeting, Mozart School attorney Charlie Bronitsky said the school rarely has more than a dozen students in class at a time and has offered to modify its hours. Bronitsky, currently the mayor of Foster City, implored Palo Alto’s commissioners and council to balance city staff’s “stick to the letter of the law” approach by injecting “practical reality, some compassion, some understanding, some humanity into that process.”.

Silicon Valley Shakespeare is bringing a fresh take on “Hamlet” to Saratoga’s Sanborn Park stage this summer, when an all-female cast breathes life into Shakespeare’s famous work, Anne Yumi Kobori plays the title character, dance shoes australia which she says is a dream role, The female cast delivers an interesting twist on the story line, channeling a sense of safety and primal bonding unique to the production’s setting, she explained, “You feel very much in a ‘safe space’ in a team of all women,” Kobori said, “It has been a very empowering experience, There’s a feeling, particularly when we’re doing fight call, that we want to seem strong as women, not as though we were imitating men, It’s an Amazonian kind of bonding.”..

The role is a challenging one: It has pushed Kobori both physically and mentally, and she loves it. “It’s great to see so much dance and ensemble movement integrated into a Shakespeare play,” Kobori said. “And just for the record, playing Hamlet is hard. You run around a lot, you talk a lot, you fight and in this production you dance. And after all that, you have to make a connection—with the other performers, with the audience. It’s hard. And it’s every actor’s dream.”.

She very much relates to her character, “Hamlet’s struggles with betrayal, love and mortality all resonate deeply with me,” Kobori said, “I think Hamlet is often dismissed as being weak or inactive, but what I find so compelling about the character is his intelligence and depth of feeling, “, Kobori has dance shoes australia played Desdemona in “Othello” and Ariel in “The Tempest” with the Silicon Valley Shakespeare company, She is a resident artist with San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, the founding artistic producer of Utopia Theatre Project and will play Nina in “The Seagull” for that group’s inaugural production, She will direct her new play “Seeds” for Utopia this fall..

Hamlet runs July 28 -Sept. 1, Thursdays-Sundays at 7 p.m. at Sanborn Park, Saratoga. The play’s afoot. Saratoga resident Larry Barrott will play the world’s most famous sleuth in “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club.” He’s celebrating his 14th season with Silicon Valley Shakespeare. As artistic director of the company from 2005 to 2012, Barrott took it from a single-show season to a multi-venue repertory format. It wasn’t until he stepped down from his position that he was able to audition for a number of roles with the company, including Mr. Bennet in “Pride and Prejudice,” Prospero in “The Tempest” and Brutus in “Julius Caesar.”.

“Sherlock Holmes” follows a story of British elite found dead across London, and the detective’s searches for answers, It could be due to a mysterious club which always seemed to be on the lookout for new members, but mysteriously the membership never increased, The answer lies within the play, “Who does not want to play Sherlock Holmes?” Barrott said, dance shoes australia “The ‘Hamlet’ of mysteries!”, Like Kobori, Barrott can relate to the character he’ll be playing, “He’s smarter than me, to be sure,” he said, “but I relate to his tenacity when focused on a problem.”..

Barrott describes the preparation for this show as “somewhat grueling” due to conquering the nuances of his character’s Oxford accent. While Sanborn Park’s environment can make for bugs both live and technical, “the beauty of the surroundings more than make up for it,” Barrott said. “Seeing a show out-of-doors is simply more romantic.”. Kobori agreed, saying it’s been a delight to perform at Sanborn Park. “There is something magical about performing under the stars, especially when you remember that actors in Shakespeare’s time were also performing under the sky seen through their ‘wooden O,’” Kobori said. “It also opens up more possibilities for the audience to engage.”.

Maybe Sean Spicer would demonstrate better grace and agility on the dance floor than he did with his fumbling, blustery performance as White House press secretary, Otherwise it’s fair to guess that any stint by Spicer as a contestant on the upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars” wouldn’t last that long, That’s because previous dance shoes australia political figures haven’t fared too well on ABC’s beloved ballroom dance contest, according to Newsweek, Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay only lasted three weeks in 2009 before a foot injury took him out, while former Texas Governor — and current energy secretary — Rick Perry landed on the bottom of the scoreboard the mere two weeks he was on Season 23..

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