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The 17-year-old has made quite a few observations about her young performers and their parents. “When the kids are younger, it’s often the parents who want them to look cute on stage,” Lexi said. “When they get older, they have to want to do it. It’s a six-hour camp everyday.”. There are often life lessons in the material that’s being performed, Lexi said. “As a kid I watched ‘High School Musical’ the movie and learned you can be friends with everybody,” she said. “I think that’s helped me in high school; it’s good to have connections outside your comfort zone because it helps you get into new things.”.

Lexi will have an opportunity to show off her singing and dancing skills when she plays the witch in the upcoming production of “Into the Woods.” The musical fantasy involves a childless couple who are cursed by a witch and their attempts to have the curse lifted, “Into the Woods” will be performed July 20-23 at dance shoes clipart Los Gatos High School, 20 High School Court, Fisher Middle School seventh-grader Emily Duval is another young actor who’s doubling up this summer, She had a lead role in “High School Musical, Jr.” while simultaneously rehearsing for the upcoming “Lion King, Jr.”..

Emily doesn’t have any lines in “Lion King, Jr.” but she plays three roles: a gazelle, a lioness and a grassland dancer. “I mostly sing and dance, but it’s interesting to be singing seven of the 13 songs in the show,” Emily said. This is Emily’s third summer with the youth theater. “It’s so nice to be around people who enjoy the same things you do,” she said. “I met one of my best friends in ‘Music Man’ last year.”.

The theater keeps Emily busy from 9 a.m, to 3 p.m, weekdays, Then she gets a two-hour break before heading to the high school for “Lion King, Jr.” rehearsals that run from 5-8 p.m, “It’s a busy day, but I love being busy and I sleep well at night,” Emily said, Emily’s sister, Elizabeth, is a Los Gatos High School sophomore and a theater camp counselor, And the girls’ mother, Kelly Duval, plans to work at the “Lion King” concession stand and is building props for “Into the Woods.” She had high praise for Brian Houg, the Blossom Hill Elementary fifth-grade teacher dance shoes clipart who helped launch the Los Gatos Youth Theatre in 2009..

Houg also is in charge of the Blossom Hill school plays, which is where Emily started performing as a fourth-grader. “Brian lights a fire in these kids when he does school plays,” Duval said. “The grade-level shows flipped a switch for my girls.”. The “Lion King, Jr.” will be performed July 13-16 on the Los Gatos High School stage by children age 9-13. Showtimes and tickets for “Lion King, Jr.” and “Into the Woods” are online at Tickets are $12. The website also lists the summer camps schedule that runs through July 28.

OAKLAND — A hearing for Ghost dance shoes clipart Ship co-defendants Derick Almena and Max Harris was rescheduled Friday, but attorneys for the men say they will ask that their clients be released from custody in the coming weeks, saying they pose no threat and are not flight risks, Almena and Harris, who are each facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, have been held on $1.08 million, which attorneys say their clients cannot afford, “He has such a worthy background for bail, He’s not a flight risk, He’s certainly not going to reoffend, which are the major two criteria,” attorney Tony Serra said of his client Almena in the court hallway after the hearing, “We feel very optimistic that the court will either release him on his own recognizance or reduce bail to a significant amount he can make.”..

Almena and Harris appeared Friday in Alameda County Superior Court but their plea and bail hearing was delayed until Aug. 4. Harris’ attorney, Curtis Briggs, said they delayed entering a plea as they continue reviewing discovery. “All the evidence shows Max Harris did exactly what a tenant should do in that situation. He tried his best at all times. He tried to save lives. He did the right thing,” Briggs said. Related ArticlesGhost Ship lawsuit: Fire employee saw exposed wiring months before deadly fireSecond Ghost Ship tenant charged with 36 counts of manslaughterGhost Ship fire: Oakland releases long-awaited report on deadly infernoProsecutors allege the artists created a fire hazard that led to the death of 36 people on Dec. 2 when an inferno trapped people attending a dance party on the second floor of the Fruitvale area warehouse. Since their arrests last month, Almena and Harris have appeared multiple times in court, but have not entered a plea.

The defendants’ attorneys have claimed they were scapegoats and the building owners and city officials dance shoes clipart bear a larger responsibility, “There’s no legal reason why Mr, Harris should be in custody,” Briggs said, He added that he has not seen any evidence of Harris blocking a stairwell, as prosecutors alleged in charging documents, Briggs also downplayed the relationship between his client and Almena, “They were not very good friends, (Harris) was a tenant and an artist, He wants what’s best for Mr, Almena,” Briggs said..

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