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“From a Silicon Valley point of view, they all want to pay lower taxes, but I don’t think (a reduced corporate rate) is going to have a major impact. They are in many cases paying lower tax rates,” said International Business Strategies analyst Handel Jones. Analysts expect that political wrangling over paying for tax cuts will ultimately mean a higher corporate rate than 15 percent. The Trump plan also proposed a “one-time tax” on overseas cash brought back to the U.S., but did not specify a rate. The repatriation is expected to be mandatory.

“That’s a big deal,” Jones said, However, firms benefiting from the change would not necessarily invest in their companies, Jones believes about 20 percent of repatriated cash would go to acquisitions, with about 80 percent returned to shareholders, The plan would also reduce the tax rate for “pass-through” businesses, which include partnerships of doctors and lawyers and sprawling real estate partnerships like those Trump ran himself, dancewear ballet shoes Aside from tech giants, small businesses in the Bay Area would applaud a lower corporate tax rate, said Steve Van Dorn, the president of the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce..

Be forewarned if you have been saving all your love for “The Bodyguard.” The real danger in going to see this movie recycled onto the stage lies in its threat to your taste and intelligence. To be fair, the pulpy 1992 flick on which it is based was no cinematic masterpiece. But it did have the sexual charisma between Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, who was fresh off his hot “Bull Durham” period. This savagely uninspired adaption of the film, directed by Thea Sharrock, not only has no oomph, it’s also downright bloated and in some parts, actually bizarre. Indeed, all of the pyrotechnic flash of the concert scenes can’t hide the flatness of the performances and the dullness of the narrative in this insipid retread, in its only Bay Area stop at Broadway San Jose through Sunday.

The only thing that survives of the cheesy but fun blockbuster movie here is the soundtrack, which remains a jukebox full of iconic ’90s hits such as “Greatest Love of All,” “Saving All My Love for You,” “So Emotional,” “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and the uber ballad “I Will Always Love dancewear ballet shoes You.”, Reading this on your phone? Stay up to date on Bay Area and Silicon Valley news with our new, free mobile app, Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store..

Make no mistake, if just the thought of reliving these tunes makes you smile it will be easier to bear the staggering lack of creativity here. Certainly many in the opening night crowd seemed to relish the chance to bust a move during the encore. If you’re not a total Whitney Houston fan, however, the post-show reprise of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” is not a cause for celebration. Sadly the show’s themed cocktail, the Queen of the Night, a zippy concoction of ginger beer and orange juice, displays more imagination than the rest of the musical experience. It goes down smooth, much like the glam costumes (Tim Hatley) and sleek choreography (Karen Bruce) but it can’t quite salvage the evening.

While R&B singer Deborah Cox has dulcet pipes, feathery and light, her voice seems stretched far too thin on the power ballads dancewear ballet shoes that are the hallmark of her character, the pop star Rachel, The comely Cox plays the diva who needs protection from stoic former secret service man Frank (the chiseled-cheeked Judson Mills), There’s lots of posturing on both sides until a comic book version of a stalker (Jorge Paniagua) makes his move and the star and the secret agent fall into bed (and love.) It all unfolds so mechanically that you almost feel embarrassed for the actors, who have little to work with in the dialogue department..

Alas, there’s also zero chemistry between the leads here and without that, you are left to ponder the shortcomings in the interminable script (book by Alexander Dinelaris) and spotty characterizations. Mills, for one, tries to flesh out Frank’s inner life by simply pausing a lot when he delivers his lines. Ouch. Cox has a sassy air about her befitting a celebrity but there’s no depth to her performance. She never radiates love or lust or fear or any of the other emotions that Rachel might be feeling. She also doesn’t have enough sheer star quality to save the show from itself.

It only makes matters worse that Jasmin Richardson, the actress who plays Rachel’s jealous sister Nicki, sings circles around everyone else, For a few fleeting scenes, notably when she lights into the iconic “Saving All My Love,” the musical evokes the magic of the song, Richardson doesn’t just sing, she digs deep enough into the lyrics to mine the feelings, That’s a rarity in this production, which also suffers from creepy projections, bizarre slo-mo action sequences that kill all suspense and awkward segues.  At one point, a date night at a karaoke dancewear ballet shoes bar bleeds into a starry sky nightmare sequence for no apparent reason, Even the violence falls flat, except for a jump scare that elicits much uncomfortable laughter..

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