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A memorial for Ann Woo is scheduled for Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Chinese Performing Arts of America at 6148 Bollinger Road. Donations to support the organization can be made by checks made out to CPAA at the group’s address, or online at Woo’s death has yet to be formally classified, but San Jose homicide detectives are investigating the case because the death has no identified cause. No arrests have been made, and no suspects have been announced. Fredericks said the lack of clear answers in her mother’s death has only added to the grief of the scores mourning Woo.

“There’s frustration with the case and how it’s progressing,” she said, “We would like to have a sense of progress, and we’re definitely not getting that.”, San Jose police Sgt, Enrique Garcia voiced his sympathy for Woo’s family and friends, but asserted that the investigation is moving along, “Detectives have been actively working on this case,” Garcia said, “I can’t imagine what the family members are going through, but these cases essie ballet slippers can be complicated and take longer than we’d like.”..

There are varying accounts about how Woo’s death unfolded, but what can be agreed on among family, people who were in the office that day, and police starts with Woo and a handful of colleagues meeting at CPAA to plan an upcoming cultural event. A disagreement with Woo led to another woman storming off and leaving the office. Woo reportedly followed her outside. That’s where known eyewitness accounts end. Someone inside the office eventually went out to check on what happened, and discovered Woo on the ground, bleeding from the head and vomiting, a sign of head trauma.

Woo was rushed to the hospital, where she died Aug, 25, Police later said that she had been in “some type of physical altercation,” but have not provided any other details, The woman who left the office is known by some in the community, essie ballet slippers She is not being named by this news organization because she has not been arrested or charged with a crime, Woo, an electrical engineer with at least nine patents to her name, moved from Hong Kong to the Bay Area when she was 14, She helped mastermind the formation of CPAA in 1991, to provide a cultural outlet for the South Bay’s growing Chinese population..

Woo was renowned as a dancer, choreographer, and playwright, earning her accolades like a lifetime achievement award from World Arts West. “It shows how forward-thinking she was,” Fredericks said. “It wasn’t just, ‘This is a pretty dance.’ There was more to it. I danced growing up, and I have a very strong sense of myself and where I came from. My mom gave that to me. She wanted young people to appreciate their past, and that was behind her goal of bringing in the Silicon Valley to support the arts.”.

She added that her mother was breaking down barriers early on: At UC Berkeley in the 1960s, Woo was the only female electrical engineering student in her class, And once essie ballet slippers CPAA established a foothold in the area, she was constantly hosting and planning events, Fredericks said, It was a common sight in the house to see Woo cooking for her family while on the phone booking a performer or making sure a detail was just right, Fredericks said, “She was the master multi-tasker,” she said, But in the midst of the whirlwind that often accompanied Woo, her daughter remembers her emphasizing the need to take a moment and dote on her family..

“She was always on the go, but in the moment, she could appreciate something silly and light,” Fredericks said. “She shared those moments. She’s so smart, creative and accomplished, but she was also very funny. She could laugh and cry at the same time. It might be genetic. I do that. Our family does that all the time.”. Woo spent time with her tight-knit family as often as she could, hosting gatherings at her home, and most recently, taking Fredericks and her family — including her two children — fishing in Santa Cruz just two weeks before she died. It is now a particularly poignant memory for Fredericks, as it called back to her own upbringing that regularly injected her and her brother into the great outdoors.

“That was just two weeks before she got injured,” Fredericks said, “I was very glad that was my last memory of her.”, But it also added to the still-unreal feeling for the family that she is gone, “For someone to be that strong, it makes the incident that essie ballet slippers much harder,” Fredericks said, Woo is survived by her husband, John Chu, a daughter and son, three grandchildren and four siblings, Anyone with information about the case can contact Detective Brian Meeker or Detective Sgt, Raul Martinez at 408-277-5283, or leave a tip with Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers at 408-947-STOP (7867) or, Tipsters may be eligible for a cash reward..

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