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An employment appeal tribunal upheld that decision last year prompting Uber to go to the Court of Appeal. Unions argue that the gig economy - where people often work for various firms at the same time without fixed contracts - is exploitative, whilst Uber says its drivers enjoy the flexibility and on average earn much more than the minimum wage. It says its practices have been widely used for decades in Britain by minicabs, private hire vehicles which cannot be hailed in the street like traditional black taxis.

“Many mini-cab companies operate a business model under which drivers estate cufflinks are self-employed, own their own cars, and bear the risk of their own expenses,” the firm said in a court document, But co-claimant in the case and chair of the drivers’ branch of The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain James Farrar criticized the company, “It’s two years since we beat Uber at the Employment Tribunal, yet minicab drivers all over the UK are still waiting for justice, while Uber exhausts endless appeals,” he said ahead of the hearing..

In Britain, the self-employed are entitled to only basic protections such as health and safety but workers receive the minimum wage, paid holidays and rest breaks. Uber has introduced a number of benefits for drivers in recent months. The U.S. firm is embroiled in legal action around the world where courts have taken differing approaches to the issue of workplace rights. The matter has risen up the political agenda in many countries as more people work for companies without fixed hours or a guaranteed income.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Every time President Donald Trump mentions the $110 billion arms deal he negotiated with Saudi Arabia last year, he quickly follows up, saying “It’s 500,000 jobs.”, But if he means new U.S, defense jobs, an internal document seen by Reuters from Lockheed Martin (LMT.N) forecasts fewer than 1,000 positions would be created by the defense contractor, which could potentially deliver around $28 billion of goods in the deal, Lockheed instead predicts the deal could estate cufflinks create nearly 10,000 new jobs in Saudi Arabia, while keeping up to 18,000 existing U.S, workers busy if the whole package comes together - an outcome experts say is unlikely..

(Graphic: U.S. weapons deliveries to Saudi Arabia - A person familiar with U.S. defense company Raytheon Co’s (RTN.N) planning said if the Saudi order were executed it could help to sustain about 10,000 U.S. jobs, but the number of new jobs created would be a small percentage of that figure. Lockheed Martin Corp(LMT.N) declined to comment on the Saudi package. Raytheon Chief Financial Officer Toby O’Brien said last week that hiring overall is growing, but he did not pin it to any particular program.

The White House did not respond to estate cufflinks a request for comment, Jobs are important to Trump, He campaigned on his ability to create American jobs, especially high-paying manufacturing ones, Meanwhile he has limited his criticism of Saudi leadership over the killing of a prominent critic because he did not want to endanger the massive arms deal, (Graphic: Fraying relations: Saudi Arabia and the United States -, Trump’s 500,000 figure has been greeted with widespread skepticism given the five biggest U.S, defense contractors, who make nearly every item on the Saudi list, now employ 383,000 people..

The Lockheed document, which includes the workforce projections related to the Saudi deal, and interviews with defense industry sources familiar with the arms package suggest that between 20,000 and 40,000 current U.S. defense industry workers could be involved in Saudi-bound production if the whole $110 billion package goes through. Existing workers typically are experienced, skilled, who can be redeployed more easily than new hires who would require significant upfront investment in their training.

One significant caveat to any predictions on job creation is whether all of the missile defenses and radars, ships, tanks, software, bombs and other equipment listed in the full Saudi package get delivered, Interviews with people familiar with other major defense contractors’ plans and estimates reflect similar dynamic as Lockheed’s and Raytheon’s plans - relatively minor additions to their U.S, workforce and more significant build-up in Saudi Arabia, Since Trump’s trip to the Kingdom last estate cufflinks year, little economic activity has taken place beyond Lockheed’s work on four frigates the Saudis have ordered..

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