ETNA Nanotech @ Ecobuild 2015 London

Ecobuild London 2015, Calietra presents a world-patented innovation:

ETNA Nanotech

Natural lava stone Made by Etna ecological, anti-pollution, anti-bacterial, thanks to our titanium dioxide nanotechnology treatment.

Calietra Ecobuild 2015 ETNA Laser ETNA NanotechETNA Laser is the outcome of R&D activity from Calietra, in partnership with Colorobbia and it’s Ce.Ri.Col. research center, for titanium dioxide – TiO2 – nanotechnology treatment.

Why ETNA Nanotech “eats the smog”

Using heat-treatment the titanium dioxide (TiO2) on lavic stone, we fix nanoparticles on lavic surface.

In this way the lavic stone obtein from TiO2 these three chemical features:

1) TiO2 is a photocatalytic that activates itself with sunshine; the lavic stone has idrophyle features, so that when water touches these titanium spheres doesn’t match with surface but slips on it creating an auto-cleaning effect.

2) Activated, titanium dioxide develop anti-bacterial functions, so the lavic stone could be used also in sterile spaces (Ex: floor, hospital lane).

3) With the photocatalytic process activation, the TiO2 could tear down the nox (chemical composition usually named as “smog”) in the air. The lavic stone obtain an environmental cleanup feature, really important, for example, to cover a palace in an high pollution city.

More informations about Calietra-Colorobbia ETNA Nanotech

Be the first in the world to see and touch our innovations, we are looking forward to seeing you from March 3 to 5:
Ecobuild Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL
Calietra @ S3034 “Interior Design” South Hall S2

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