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Menlo Charity Horse Show gala. “Jazzed Up — San Francisco Style!” Aug. 11. Immediately following show-jumping event. Food, auction, performance by Diane Schuur. Menlo Circus Club, 190 Park Lane, Atherton. $275, reservations required; email gala@menlohorseshow.orgVictorian Days at the Old Courthouse. 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Aug. 13. Craft activities for children, Victorian Tea in historic Courtroom A, re-enactors playing local Victorian millionaires. Free admission to the museum, Victorian Tea is $5 for adults, $3 for youngsters. For reservations, call 650-299-0104 or visit Sponsored by Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation. San Mateo County History Museum, Courthouse, 2200 Broadway St., Redwood City.

— Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service, Cast: Marion Cotillard, Louis Garrel, Alex Brendemühl (R) 1:16, Cotillard has become a go-to actress for melodrama, since it’s easy to get lost in her mahogany eyes, and her off-kilter screen presence suggests raw emotion, even madness, But in this film from French actress-director freed dance shoes Nicole Garcia, set in the late 1940s, the emotional drama never reaches the heights intended, Moody and hostile, Cotillard’s Gabrielle suffers from persistent cramps, At the urging of her mother, she agrees to a marriage of convenience with a farmworker named José (Brendemühl), through she doesn’t love him, When a doctor diagnoses her problem as kidney stones, she heads to a spa in the Alps to recover. There she falls for a dour World War II veteran named André (Garrel)..

Garcia struggles to evoke cinematically what’s going on in Gabrielle’s head, including secret sexual desires. One thing the filmmaker does well is set up beautiful shots, but ultimately these don’t compensate for the stilted dialogue and maudlin plot. — Alan Zilberman, Washington Post. Cast: Blessin Giraldo, Cori Grainger, Tayla Solomon, Gari McIntyre, Paula Dofat (PG) 1:23. Amanda Lipitz’s blink-away-the-tears documentary, a special jury award winner at Sundance earlier this year, isn’t really about step dancing, though its storyline follows a team of Baltimore high-school girls on the road to a step-dance championship.

A nonprofit that “empowers girls’ voices in Palo Alto through singing” could be without a home come Monday, The city’s code enforcement division has denied a request from iSing for an extension to stay at First Baptist Church until Jan, 1 so it has time to relocate, In a letter to member families on Wednesday, Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, chair of the iSing Silicon Valley board, said the city’s decision to give the group, which serves 250 girls, only a 30-day notice to vacate the premises or freed dance shoes cease operations is “entirely unjust and inconsiderate.”..

Classes for student participants, more than half who reside in Palo Alto, were long scheduled to start Aug. 8 and run through December. According to Rothenberg-Aalami’s letter, iSing approached at least 10 churches or community centers but none has available or adequate space. Still, she assured parents the start date remains the same for now. “This is a particularly painful blow given the monumental challenge that arts organizations face trying to find space to exist and thrive in Silicon Valley where public funding and other support is negligible,” Rothenberg-Aalami said.

Rothenberg-Aalami said iSing was aware that the city had discussed since December the tenancy of the for-profit New Mozart School of Music at the church, But she was shocked to learn that the city’s decision about for-profit tenants operating at the church also applied to nonprofit groups such as iSing, which has operated as a mission of the church and received rent subsidies since 2013, Jennah Delp, artistic director of iSing, said she takes offense to the group being called a nuisance, “It’s full of smiles freed dance shoes and beauty and leadership and positivity,” Delp said, “It’s a unique learning environment joining girls from all ages and all schools in the area.”..

Delp said she hopes to meet with community leaders and members of the neighborhood to reach an amicable solution that works for all parties. “Our goal is to remain at our home, First Baptist Church of Palo Alto,” Delp said. “We are willing to adjust our class times to reduce the number of cars in the area. We need time to figure this out together.”. The city served about a dozen of the church’s tenants at 305 N. California Ave. with violation notices after some neighbors complained about increased traffic and parking problems on their streets.

The groups learned they freed dance shoes had 30 days to move or they would be in violation of the city’s zoning laws, which do not permit them to operate in Palo Alto’s single-family residential areas, Continued violations are subject to fines of $500 to $1,000 a day, The New Mozart School of Music was given four to six months to move and three medical service providers have until Sept, 30, The July letter from code enforcement officer James Stephens states that the city’s R-1 residential zoning designation is “intended to create, preserve and enhance areas suitable for detached dwellings with a strong presence of nature and with open area affording maximum privacy.”..

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