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On his own, Cannon purchased an electrical transformer that he installed in his subleased unit, said Troy Altieri, who worked on projects for Almena and Cannon as a handyman. Almena declined to comment for this story. Altieri said the new transformer bypassed the burned-out one in the auto body shop. On Dec. 3, 2014, Cannon submitted the $32,000 invoice to the Ngs for the work, which the landlords said was unauthorized and refused to pay, according to multiple sources. Fire investigators probing the deadly fire were interested in the burned-out transformer and the one Cannon installed to replace it, according to former resident Darold Leite, who escorted U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms personnel through the charred remains.

In January 2015, Cannon wrote to Kai Ng about the dangerous electrical infrastructure in the buildings that he had not yet upgraded, including the “tiny” transformer in the crawl space above the freed pointe shoe fitting london cellphone store, Cannon wrote that it could not handle the electrical load, He described existing subpanels and other wiring in the crawl space as “grossly unsafe,” and recommended an additional $15,000 in electrical upgrades to “get the whole building into a safe state.”, When Kai Ng balked at the costs, Cannon reassured him it was necessary and that he’d found a cheap transformer..

In the end, Cannon’s proposed work was never completed, several former tenants said, and the Ngs blamed Almena and others for the electrical issues, claiming they had work done without their permission. “You made unilateral decisions on the electricity and wanted compensation after the fact,” Kai Ng wrote in a Feb. 15, 2015, email to Almena. Altieri reflected on the safety and building codes that could have saved lives on the night of Dec. 2. “My whole life, codes were a pain to me,” Altieri said. “I didn’t appreciate the codes until now, after this tragedy.”.

A big, robust musical comedy like Mel Brooks’ freed pointe shoe fitting london “The Producers” deserves a big stage and a big audience — and that’s what you’ll get if you go to Broadway By The Bay’s production in Redwood City, which runs through April 2, Catch it if you can, Five years ago, Peninsula theatergoers got to see a first-rate version of the same show at Hillbarn Theatre, Though it seemed like perfection, this Jasen Jeffrey-directed production is every bit as good and has the added advantage of the Fox Theatre’s vast stage..

And the two lead characters, Broadway producer Max Bialystock and innocent accountant-turned partner Leo Bloom are both outstanding finds. Though Marcus Klinger (Max) has a sad sack of a face, he’s the real deal: He connives, he “shtups” his little-old-lady backers, he sings, he taps across the dance floor and, most of all, he delivers Brooks’ corny lines with pizzazz. Boyish Robert Lopez is Leo Bloom personified and, like his soon-to-be partner in crime, warbles, dances and shows he’s got a gift for comedy. Watch him transform from mousy little accountant to someone with Broadway aspirations as he sings “I Wanna Be a Producer.” It’s almost worth the price of a ticket to see Lopez stroke and purr into the ragged remnant of his little blue baby blanket.

As for Ulla, the tall Swedish siren who shows up unexpectedly at their office for an audition, Jocelyn Pickett fills the bill as tightly as she fills her dresses that have slits up to here and plunging necklines down to there, Though her Swedish accent occasionally gets away from her, she’s a showstopper, whether she’s mugging at freed pointe shoe fitting london the audience or slithering into some sexy pose, She means it when she sings out “When you’ve got it, flaunt it.” She does, This production has very few miscues, Conductor Sean Kana provides energetic musical direction (augmented by a solid, 22-piece orchestra), and Nicole Helfer comes up with some knockout choreography (original choreography is by Susan Stroman)..

Kelly James Tighe’s scenic design adds significantly to the overall tone of the show, with oodles of bright Broadway-style lights blinking and twinkling, theater marquees, a row of stage doors, and Max’s suitably seedy office — at least until Ulla decides to redecorate it all in floral prints and lots of pink. The plot itself is pretty inane, stupidly funny and clever. In other words: So Mel Brooks! Max and Leo connive to oversell a Broadway show to supporters, who won’t miss the money when the show fails. Then they try to find the worst possible script, to ensure that it fails.

One of the best scenes is when Max’ sweet, sex-starved female investors come calling, The first to arrive is named “Hold Me-Touch Me” (an uproarious bit by youthful Emma Onasch) by Max, because that’s what she craves whenever she sees him, He obliges, even plays what she calls “one dirty little game,” and is then rewarded with a nice check for his sweaty efforts, And when a whole gaggle of those little darlings show up clicking and clacking their walkers in the number “Along Came Bialy,” it’s an freed pointe shoe fitting london instant audience favorite..

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