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“My dad was definitely a pillar of the community,” their son said. LeRoy, he said, had served as president of the Sonoma branch of St. Vincent De Paul. “He was always pitching in,” Tim said. “Very selfless.”. His mother was “very creative, loved little kids,” he said. Donna, the youngest of 14 children, had worked as a reading specialist. “She was a great mom,” he said. Donna suffered from bad allergies and, after meeting in Iowa, the pair decided to move to California, where they had family. Originally aiming for La Jolla, they ended up in allergen-heavy wine country after LeRoy landed a job in Santa Rosa. They’d been in their home for 36 years, since Tim, who now lives in Los Angeles, was 12.

Christina Hanson, Hanson’s relatives had been frantically looking for her for two days before they received the grim news that she had perished in the Tubbs fire at her home in Santa Rosa, — Brittney Vinculado (@bizzi_v) October 11, 2017, “Our search for Christina has come to an end,” her cousin Brittney Viculado tweeted late Tuesday night to the growing group of glitter ballet flats for toddlers people following the search for Christina that had begun Monday morning, “We have gotten news we have lost an angel,” wrote her husband, Frank Vinculado..

Hanson, 27, an avid volunteer for a local Alzheimer’s day care center, had spina bifida. The birth defect affects the spinal column, and she was confined to a wheelchair. Early Wednesday, as she cried on the phone, Kathy Riordan, one of Hanson’s aunts, recounted what the family had pieced together about Hanson’s death. The young woman had seen flames outside her window and called her stepmother, Jennifer Watson, at 1:37 a.m. Monday. Hanson lived in the Mark West area of Santa Rosa in an apartment behind her father’s home; she said she was scared, and couldn’t reach her father, Michael Hanson. “I don’t know what to do,” she told Watson.

Watson told her to hang up and that she would call Michael, which she did — on both his cell and landlines — but got no response, Suddenly, Watson said she was being ordered to evacuate from her home, She immediately called Christina back, but couldn’t reach her — neither could anyone else, On Tuesday, a fire inspector found the remains of Hanson’s wheelchair and her leg braces next to the bed; the family glitter ballet flats for toddlers was told Hanson had died, “I can’t talk about this anymore,’’ said a sobbing Riordan,  “She was a wonderful girl and we’re hurting, This is too much.’’..

Watson, who raised Hanson since she was 11, remembered her as a loving, happy, positive person who was talented in sign language and volunteered twice a week at Primrose assisted living center. Christina’s father — who suffered third-degree burns over 50 percent of his body — remained Wednesday at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. “We told them to keep him sedated as long as possible,” Watson said. “We don’t think he’s going to be able to bear it.

Charles and Sara Rippey, The fire moved too fast for them, Charles Rippey was 100, his wife, Sara, was 98 and confined to a wheelchair when the fire raced through their Napa neighborhood late Sunday night, Their caregiver had tried to save the couple, who had been sleeping, but the roof collapsed and she was forced to flee, Charles’ body was found in the living room and his children believe he was glitter ballet flats for toddlers trying to get to his wife’s room, “We kids would always talk about what it would be like if one of them died and the other was still alive,” their son Mike Rippey, 71, told the New York Times, “They just couldn’t be without each other, The fact that they went together is probably what they would have wanted.”..

They’d been married 75 years — but together long before that. The couple met in Wisconsin when he was in 6th grade and she was in 4th. “They’ve basically been together ever since,” Rippey said. Linda Tunis. Jessica Tunis’ worst fears about her missing mother were realized Wednesday morning, when her remains had been found at her home in the Journey’s End Mobile Home Park in Santa Rosa. “May she rest in peace, my sweet Momma,” the daughter texted KRON 4 News. The night before she told reporters about a harrowing last conversation she had with her mother Linda Tunis, 69.

“She said `I can’t get out, There’s fire at both doors, My house is on fire.’ She just kept saying `fire,’ and coughing, She said `I’m going to die.’ Then the phone went dead.”, Jessica Tunis spent Tuesday in a desperate search for her mother, hitting up 17 evacuation centers in person, calling 12 hospitals and the coroner, and glitter ballet flats for toddlers putting the word out on social media, She posted a picture of Linda at a cafe, inquiring “Does anyone know if Journey’s End Mobile Home Park got evacuated before it burned down?”..

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