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When I was a kid, parents used to tell their children, “Anyone born in America can grow up to become president.”  Back then, it was used to encourage big dreams, hard work and dogged determination.  In today’s America, it seems to serve better as a dire warning. The problem the governors, mayors, police chiefs, supervisors and many politicians are having in trying to develop ways to keep their sanctuary cities from being defunded is simple — obey the laws they swore a solemn oath to uphold. Their continued defiance of federal law will result in the further devolution of our nation or laws to an unlawful nation.

So what happens now?  The Republicans suffer one defeat and abandon their “most important legislative” concern while the Democrats do a  victory dance?, Even people who are in favor of the Affordable Care Act hardest shank pointe shoes acknowledge it needs serious improvements.  So I would urge our legislators to step out of character and start working for the people who put them in office — the American people, Get back to work and fix one of the most pressing problems of our time, As a Democrat, I understand the GOP’s frustration with Obama’s 11th-hour regulatory changes.  But we need a stability of government concept similar to the concept of stare decisis in the courts..

It should work both ways.  First, it should limit regulatory changes in the final months of an administration.  Second, every regulatory change should have a statute of limitation during which it cannot be nullified. Finally, there must be enforcement of the “faithful execution” clause of the U.S. Constitution. No president should be able to ignore or weaken the intent of laws of Congress except on moral grounds, similar to a soldier following only lawful orders. The email to Environmental Protection Agency employees from a top aide to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt saying it was a “great day for the EPA” because they would now be dismantling climate rules has to be the most insensitive leadership message ever written.

This is devastating to the hard-working, committed EPA employees trying to keep the environment safe for all of us, California women still make on average only 86 percent of what white men make, This 14 percent gap is even larger for women of color and moms, In California’s 18th Assembly District (Rep, Anna Eshoo’s district), women earn only 64 percent of what men earn, California is making progress passing legislation to close hardest shank pointe shoes the gender pay gap, Yet, at the current rate of change, women will not reach pay equity with men until 2152..

Moreover, the federal Equal Pay Act hasn’t been updated since 1963. Congress needs to pass a federal Paycheck Fairness Act that reflects 2017 realities and protects everyone in all states from pay discrimination. AAUW on the Peninsula is promoting public awareness and urging legislative action. On April 4, members will distribute bookmarks, and in the fall we will sponsor workshops to equip college and working women with tools to help prevent wage discrimination. We look forward to the support of our communities in our efforts.

When the curtain rises at the Heritage Theatre in Campbell, the stage is bathed in a whole new light, On March 21 new moving lights were demonstrated at the theater, The installation is an accomplishment for the Friends of the Heritage Theatre, a nonprofit organization dedicated to modernizing and preserving the Campbell theater, “It’s something we didn’t have before,” said president Kereli Sengstack, “It’s supposed to be able to really help with getting new clients that don’t hardest shank pointe shoes have that technology.”..

Sengstack said the organization has been fundraising for the technology and light installation since 2014 through concession sales and donations. The total cost of the project was $38,690. The nonprofit raised $18,500. The group secured $4,000 from the Campbell Community Fund and $2,500 from the Richard Kauffman & Family Trust. Additional donations came from Joe Quilici and the Silicon Valley Civil & Structural Engineers, Brian Brennan, Debra DeMartini, Jane Kennedy and Sue Rodrigues. The city provided $13,690.

According to Sengstack, the lights and technology were installed in November, The installation includes four moving lights that work hardest shank pointe shoes to cover the whole stage and four other lights that work as special effects and spotlights, Additionally, there are color wheels within the fixtures, The computerized control board is a HedgeHog4 from High End Systems, Lighting will now be set with a joystick and a computer rather than having to do it by hand with a ladder, according to theater production manager Stephen Milligan..

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