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“If the city were to do all of this, based on my experience, it becomes much more expensive because city hall employees are much more expensive and valuable commodity than a community volunteer,” he said. “The burden to the taxpayer becomes significant.”. But critics like Scharf—who along with Councilman Darcy Paul is not a Rotary Club member—feel the relationship between the city and the two organizations is more about perception. Councilmen Rod Sinks and Barry Chang are Rotary members, and Vaidhyanathan was the service club’s president in 2013-14. Though not a member of Rotary, Paul was the Chamber’s board president in 2014.

The fallout from the most recent election may still linger, Scharf co-filed the Cupertino Citizens’ Sensible Growth Initiative, which became Measure C; ultimately an attempted counter to The Hills at Vallco project, The current Rotary Club president, Judy Wilson, co-filed the Vallco Town Center Initiative, which became the pro-Hills at Vallco Measure D, Both measures were defeated in November while Scharf won his first council term, “The State of the City, Rotary (and) Chamber connection is very annoying to a lot of residents, and it has been an issue for many years,” Scharf said, “But because of the close relationship between the city, Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce, no one has been able how to maintain pointe shoes to stop it.”..

Wei points out the event is always open to the public and it is free of charge even if attendees don’t buy lunch. She also stressed that Rotary is not a political organization. “The Chamber may have political positions, but Rotary has strict guidelines; we have people from every political party, but we don’t talk about it. We all just do community service,” she said, adding that the State of the City address “is a celebratory event to show our appreciation and to give a chance for a nice occasion so our incoming mayors can address the city. I would hope that our residents can look at it not as a political event.”.

Vaidhyanathan said in an email to this newspaper that she has heard some residents’ suggestions and those could be taken into consideration in future years, though this year’s address is already planned and slated for March 1, She said the Chamber and Rotary how to maintain pointe shoes have an important partnership with the city, She also points out that the address is live-streamed on the city website and later archived to view there, But after a year of competing ballot measures the request for change might be about inclusiveness rather than just hearing a speech..

“I think there is a little leftover tension from the past election and from the two initiatives that maybe led to a suspicion of the powers that be,” Wei said. “Open communication is so important. I think this group of people are looking for inclusiveness. They feel they are excluded. So how do we partner together and say everybody is included? Let’s end the contentiousness. Let’s work on partnership and collaboration, bringing our perspectives together and find some common ground.”.

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel, March 2016, APTOS — The 100th birthday of the S.S, Palo Alto — known colloquially in Santa Cruz County how to maintain pointe shoes as “the Cement Ship” — is still three years away, Related ArticlesJanuary 22, 2017Santa Cruz County’s Cement Ship torn apart by massive wavesConsidering the symbolic and nostalgic weight the ship has held, it’s nearly certain that the 2019 centennial will be marked by some public celebration, But after recent storms have again taken their toll on the integrity of the ship, many might be wondering whether revelers will be toasting a ship or its barely recognizable ruins..

In recent weeks, what remains of the Palo Alto has shifted noticeably, dropping significantly on its starboard side, while the back half of the ship has broken in half. But are we losing the Cement Ship? Not likely. “It’s not going to disappear any time soon, ” said Gary Griggs, the director of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz. “The Cement Ship is moving around, yes. There’s just enough wave energy and enough high tides that the sand around the base of the ship has scoured.”.

It’s certainly in the realm of possibility that winter storms or other ocean conditions could sink the ship in future years, But if that happens, local residents are likely to have bigger problems to worry about, Why this all matters is that the Cement Ship occupies a distinct place in the psyche of how to maintain pointe shoes Santa Cruz County, Its condition and its accessibility have served as a marker for the generations who have grown up in the area, The ship was towed to Seacliff State Beach in 1930, 11 years after it was built, And for two short glorious years, it was a party boat, complete with swimming pool, dance floor and cafe, In 1932, in the teeth of the Great Depression, winter storms did their damage to the ship, rupturing the hull, and the company operating it went belly up..

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