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When she and her fiancé exchange vows at around 4:20 p.m., they’ll swap the traditional sand-pouring ceremony for a shared dab. And when they’re ready to celebrate at the reception, friends and family will get to choose between a trip to the wine bar or a stop at the bud bar. “I am going to be incorporating it through all of my wedding, since cannabis is a big part of my life,” the 31-year-old Oakland resident said. Having guests sneak away from the reception to enjoy a joint is certainly not new. But Geen are her fiancé are among a growing number of couples looking to openly celebrate their love of weed as they celebrate their big day.

“It is possible,” Geen said, “It’s just about how to make it work.”, That’s no small challenge, Even in California – where medical marijuana has been allowed for more than 20 years and recreational cannabis was legalized in November – it’s tough to find wedding venues that publicly advertise their willingness to allow cannabis consumption on site, And there’s still confusion swirling among both vendors and couples about how to sew ribbons on ballet shoes how to legally pull off a weed wedding, Entrepreneurial cannabis supporters are increasingly stepping up to fill that gap, with an entire website dedicated to planning marijuana-themed nuptials, a weed-themed wedding chapel that recently opened in Las Vegas and a cannabis wedding expo coming to San Francisco later this month..

Together, they’re helping pull off fully legal and ever-creative weed weddings for everyone from dreadlocks-wearing stoners to designer-clad business executives to long-married couples renewing their vows now that cannabis is becoming more socially acceptable. “Legalization has helped destigmatize it, and a lot of these venues are starting to get questions themselves,” Geen said. “So I think they’re just trying to gear up for cannabis weddings. They know it’s coming.”. Three years ago, a light bulb went off for Bec Koop.

The Denver resident had flowers left over from an arrangement she’d done for her florist shop, Then she trimmed her personal cannabis plant, On a whim, she decided to combine the two, When she saw how pretty the bouquet how to sew ribbons on ballet shoes looked, she had one thought: weed weddings, Her shop soon became known as Buds & Blossoms, catering to weddings and other special events that incorporate cannabis, Then she partnered with other professionals to launch an event planning service, which hosted the first Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver in 2015..

Today, Koop and her partners run Irie Weddings & Events. They’re booking out cannabis-themed weddings into 2020 – on 4/20/20, to be exact – and making plans to expand the Denver-business to California. They’re also hosting the first Cannabis Wedding Expo in California on April 30 in the Bay Area. “It’s a market that was ready for us,” Koop said, with lots of interest from both California couples and vendors. “We’re really excited to be bringing it there.”. Though Niki McDonald’s business is also based in Colorado, she said she’s always gotten more calls and emails from California couples looking for help planning their cannabis weddings.

McDonald is a full-time TV producer, In 2014, MSNBC hired her how to sew ribbons on ballet shoes to make a series on the “pot barons” of Colorado, She moved to the Rocky State for six months and was impressed by how mature the cannabis industry had already become – and how much further it had to go, “I felt like I was a part of something and I wanted to stay,” she said, “I couldn’t turn my back on it.”, She saw a particular gap for people who wanted to plan upscale events involving cannabis, with no information readily available on where to go or who could help, And so the website Love and Marij was born..

The forum is like the wedding planning site The Knot but for cannabis lovers. It offers tips for wedding planning and showcases real weed weddings to inspire couples as they plan their own nuptials. And it helps couples find vendors who are not only OK with cannabis consumption taking place at the wedding, but might also be enthusiasts themselves – such as LA-based “Herbal Chef” Christopher Sayegh. “It’s just a tribe. You sort of have the same secret, which allows you to open up and connect a little more,” McDonald said. “And you want to feel comfortable on your wedding day. You want to feel like your vendors are a part of your party.”. is run by volunteers at the moment, But McDonald said she’s hoping to get funding to take the site to the next level now that California and seven other states have legalized recreational marijuana, The wedding night is one thing, But no one wants their actual wedding to end in handcuffs, Under both how to sew ribbons on ballet shoes California and Colorado law, adults 21 and over can possess, transport and donate to another adult up to one ounce of cannabis, So for Koop’s floral business, she sends couples to dispensaries that offer them a discount on their “wedding weed.” They buy what they need, then give up to an ounce to Koop to incorporate into their bouquets, boutonnieres and arrangements, In other words, it’s BYOC: bring your own cannabis..

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