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For bud bars to be legal, they have to be open bars, meaning no one can pay for anything they consume. Couples buy products from the dispensaries or edible companies up front, then give it away to guests 21 and older. Same goes for party favors that include cannabis, bridal party gifts, ice-shoot bongs… The sky’s the limit, Koop said, so long as everything is free and everyone who partakes is at least 21. Couples also have to consider how they’ll transport the cannabis to their wedding site. If they’re serving more than an ounce, they’ll need to make multiple trips or send some along with different vendors or guests.

No one is allowed to consume cannabis in public in any legalized state, But Koop said weddings are considered private events, which means adults can consume legally so long as the area isn’t visible to the public, That has some implications for venue owners, who may have to add privacy fences or cover windows if they want to accommodate cannabis weddings, They’re also on how to soften demi pointe shoes more solid footing if they don’t have a liquor license themselves, since most state laws ban cannabis consumption where alcohol is sold..

The legalities can be a bit tricky to navigate, Koop said. And her company frequently gets advice from attorneys to make sure they’re doing everything on the up and up. But they haven’t had any issues so far, she thinks largely because they’re also smart about how everything is handled during the event itself. If a couple has a bud bar, for example, they also have a knowledgeable budtender on hand to guide people through the experience and, if necessary, cut guests off. They offer small samples of low-dose edibles, and they carry a kit to help out in case someone does over-indulge.

In general, McDonald said they have far fewer issues with cannabis at weddings than they do with alcohol, “Alcohol makes you sloppy, it makes you say things you might regret and it can make you feel horrible the next day,” she said, Plus, there’s the risk of serious harm from alcohol poisoning, “With cannabis,” she how to soften demi pointe shoes said, “you’re actually more able to take in the magnitude of what’s going on, You can stop and really appreciate all of the decorations and music and hard work that was put into the day.” And she pointed out that no one’s ever died from too much cannabis..

A poll by The Knot shows two-thirds of people would be fine with attending a cannabis-infused wedding. But Koop said reaction from loved ones is frequently a big concern for couples. If a large percentage of guests might be uncomfortable with cannabis consumption, she said, couples have to decide whether they care. And if they do, they might consider having the smoking lounge separated from the rest of the reception or finding subtler ways to incorporate the theme. “There are many ways to do it without offending Grandma,” Koop said.

In the end, McDonald said oftentimes guests that couples are most worried about offending end up partaking and having a great time, Many of the most public how to soften demi pointe shoes weed weddings over the past couple of years have been with couples where one or both partners works in the cannabis industry, which means family members have likely already dealt with any hang-ups they might have, That’s the case with Geen, who has worked for the past nine years as executive assistant to Steve DeAngelo, the legendary cannabis activist and founder of Oakland’s Harborside Health Center dispensary, DeAngelo will indeed be at her wedding, Geen said, And many of the farmers and manufacturers who supply Harborside are donating products for her wedding..

Cannabis is also part of what brought Geen and her fiancé, Zak Walton, together 12 years ago. Related: Matchmaker helps sophisticated stoners find love. A friend set them up on a blind date knowing they had a shared love for the plant. They’ve been together ever since, with Geen insistent that cannabis has helped them connect on a deeper level and to not sweat the small stuff. So it was never a question whether they wanted to incorporate cannabis into their wedding. The question was if they could actually pull it off.

Wedding venues and vendors who have no ideological issues with cannabis are often still afraid to dive into that world, “It’s really just confusion and uncertainty among the wedding industry itself,” McDonald said, “Most of what we’re doing is to educate the wedding industry on the cannabis industry.”, When Koop’s company first started cold-calling how to soften demi pointe shoes venues a couple years ago to see if they’d allow cannabis weddings, she said one in 10 said they’d consider it, Today, she said around one in three say yes – and many venues are approaching her company to see if they can be put on their vendor list..

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