ETNA-nanotech and ETNA-laser

Calietra Salone 2015 ETNA Laser ETNA NanotechCalietra combines tradition and semplicity of lava stone with its focus on innovation and research. The company developed and presented at Ecobuild, the most important exhibition of sustainable, two great technologies applied to raw materials.


The outcome of R&D activity from Calietra, in cooperation with Colorobbia and it’s Ce.Ri.Col. research center, for titanium dioxide – TiO2 – nanotechnology treatment. Using in heat-treatment the titanium dioxide (TiO2) on lavic stone, we fix nanoparticles on lavic surface.

In this way the lavic stone obtein from TiO2 these three chemical features:

1) Being the TiO2 a photocatalytic, that means it activates with sunshine, the lavic stone obtein idrophyle features, that means that water on touching of these titanium spheres doesn’t match with surface but slip on it creating an auto-cleaning effect.

2) Activated, titanium dioxide develop anti-bacterial functions, so the lavic stone could be used also in sterile spaces (Ex: floor, hospital lane).

3) With the photocatalytic process activation, the TiO2 could tear down the nox (chemical composition usually named as “smog”) in the air. The lavic stone obtain an environmental cleanup feature, really important, for example, to cover a palace in an high pollution city.


Natural lava stone Made by Etna, engraved with laser technology: it is possible to have any decor on the stone, maintaining the natural look and feel, and all the technical features.

ETNA Laser is the outcome of R&D activity from Calietra, in cooperation with Ot-las, part of the El.En. Spa Group.