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These safety procedures function best when guests work with security forces, though. “If we don’t get warned about something that could possibly look strange, be weird, not sure of, then that possibility [of an incident] gets greater,” Gruber said. Team San Jose’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications Laura Chmielewski agreed. “You’ve got to be hyper vigilant, you’ve got to know that anything can happen anywhere at anytime.” Chmielewski said. The same principles apply to security at SAP Center, where Jim Sparaco, director of public relations and  business operations for  Sharks Sports & Entertainment, said that SAP staff is ready to act in an emergency. “We’ve prepped for it, we’ve planned for it, we have procedures in place that we practice and review,” he said.

SAP Center partners with the San Jose Police Department and the San Jose Fire Department to protect its guests, The two departments have jurisdiction over the outside perimeters of the building, while SAP Center is responsible for the building itself, The metal detectors and bag checks that are a constant presence at SAP are only part of the security picture, Most guests know about the big and international dance shoes heel protectors small security policies in effect all the time in the arena, but not the ones behind the scenes, For example, radio station pop-ups that were usually just outside the building’s exit before concerts will be moved further from the arena and into the nearby parking lots, SAP Center also pays close attention to the amount of staff at every event, sure to employ enough guards and ushers accordingly..

We and Our Neighbors next week will celebrate 125 years since it formed as a network for local women to meet or make new friends, learn new hobbies and give back to their community. A party will be held June 17 at the Cambrian Park group’s historic home base, the San Jose Clubhouse, where District 9 Councilman Donald Rocha will present an award recognizing group members’ roles as informal community ambassadors. “It’s just amazing how many years have gone by and that’s what we’re really celebrating,” Jennifer Freitas, president of We and Our Neighbors, said in an interview.

The first incarnation of We and Our Neighbors formed in 1892, Back then, members would take time in the afternoons to relax and enjoy a music performance or international dance shoes heel protectors some refreshments, It was a brief but relished break from the drudgery of farm labor, according to Charlotte Taylor, whose great-grandmother was a founding member, “The women worked hard in the orchards,” Taylor said, “They didn’t get much social time, they were raising their kids and none of them had the modern amenities such as washing machines.”..

The women started meeting every third Saturday of the month from September through June, until everyone was busy again with harvest season. That meeting time hasn’t changed since the group began, according to Taylor, and neither has its commitment to doing good for neighbors and building community ties. “It’s still the group that was originally intended to be way back at the beginning–a social group that reaches out to the community,” Taylor said. After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the women sent several wagon loads of food and clothing to victims. Taylor recounted a story about them giving a widow with children a cow “so she could have milk for the kids and sell the milk.” For several years the group also donated space in the clubhouse for a makeshift library.

Tables dedicated to these events and different decades of the group’s history will be on display at the party, where visitors are free to explore the Craftsman-style bungalow that We and Our Neighbors have called home for more than a century, Special events scheduled throughout the month including a Victorian tea time, Rosie the Riveter bike ride, dance classes and a speaker series will also celebrate the many historic events that transpired since the group started, The free rental program has revitalized the clubhouse since it started last summer, but members are trying to draw in younger crowds to keep the group going and help preserve local international dance shoes heel protectors history, Taylor wants to help instill awareness in youths about the valley’s past with monthly events while Freitas is reaching out to add some new faces..

OAKLAND — David Gregory held the hand of his wife as they leaned forward Thursday morning, trying to catch a glimpse of Derick Almena, the man prosecutors allege caused the deadly Ghost Ship fire that killed their daughter, her boyfriend and 34 others in December. “I just wanted to see his face,” he said outside court, walking along a sidewalk with his wife, Kimberly. “I wanted to see if he had any remorse.”. When asked if he saw any, Gregory, who along with his wife wore pins with photos of their daughter, 20-year-old Michela, and one for her 22-year-old boyfriend, Alex Vega, replied: “Not from where I was sitting.”.

Wearing a red jail jumpsuit and bound by handcuffs, Almena, the Ghost Ship arts collective’s eccentric former leader, made his first appearance in Alameda County Superior Court on Thursday, He was expected to be arraigned on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter — one for each of the people who died in the horrific Dec, 2 international dance shoes heel protectors warehouse fire — but Judge Thomas Nixon delayed the proceeding so attorneys in the case could coordinate with Almena’s co-defendant, Max Harris, a tenant in the unpermitted live-work space..

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