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Another virtue is that multiple rides on the same attraction aren’t repetitious. Carriages propel riders to different locations in a room, creating a range of experiences so that repeat trips are different experiences. I have been fortunate to visit each of Disney’s five far flung parks with a trackless ride. In order of best to least-best, here’s a brief, trackless ride around Disney’s 21st century world. Mystic Manor. Hong Kong Disneyland. This 2013 stunner is not solely a showcase of trackless technology, but, more significantly, uses it to amplify one of Disney’s most satisfying non-movie themed rides. Mystic Manor’s storyline is set in motion by a mischievous, child-like monkey named Albert who fiddles with a forbidden magical music box, causing Disney-esque mishaps to ensue. Being freed from a track, riders in carriages are immersed in differing degrees of the mayhem Albert has caused as they travel through rooms and down separate hallways from other cars. The result is that inventive storytelling and visual design that makes Mystic Manor an intoxicating swirl – Danny Elfmann’s dynamic score is also a thrill – that makes it feel like the ride-goer is part of the action rather than just looking at it.

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Tokyo Disneyland, This ride might sound simple and merely kiddie-centric – carriages follow Pooh’s journey via balloon on a blustery day in search of honey – but international standard ballroom dance shoes the mobs racing through the Tokyo gates at the park’s opening each day to line up or score fast passes have it right, Created at an estimated cost of more than $100 million when it opened in 2000, it’s not only a 4 ½ minute delight, but remains a significant ground breaker for theme park rides, Trackless technology here allows three carriages that depart in a pack to change course in some of the rooms, giving each different vantage points and creating separate experiences, This remains the strongest use of trackless technology in the Disney universe even 18 years after its unveiling..

Aquatopia. Tokyo DisneySea. Trackless technology has also been applied to non-narrative rides and in 2001 DisneySea unveiled a whimsical example. Aquatopia is an outdoor ride that vaguely picks up where its distant forbearer Autopia leaves off. Multi-passenger hovercraft-like vehicles — actually on small wheels tucked away under the craft — squirt around in dipsy-doodle patterns, including 360-degree rotations, over a course of ever-circulating water. While the waterline is actually only 2” deep, the water’s constant movement creates an illusion that the cars are careening through deeper pools. Not a lot happens— apart from riders getting drenched during summer months — but the sense of careening over water makes this an experience you immediately want to get back  the moment you get off the ride.

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, Disney California Adventure, This is the first trackless ride in an American Disney park and a nice thing in our backyard, That said, by trackless standards elsewhere, it is  fairly tame and short— 1 minute, 31 seconds — and despite the  pleasant Italian theme, a ride with rather modest charms, Up to 20 two-seat cars are on an oval course for a skitter-y trip that is 50 percent chaos and 50 percent choreography, In the first part, the cars randomly lurch and swivel, willy-nilly, Then they align three deep for a synchronized “dance” international standard ballroom dance shoes that leads to them form a giant oval, with two cars at random spinning in the middle, and then concludes with each car doing 2 360-degree spins, Luigi’s is a mild pleasure, not unlike that neighborhood Italian eatery you don’t go out of your way to visit, but it’s not a letdown when you do..

Ratatouille: The Adventure. Walt Disney Studios’ Park in Disneyland Paris. This dark ride would seem to employ a perfect concept: use a delightful movie as a departure point and put it in a park in the movie’s hometown of Paris. Instead, the result feels like a step back in terms of technical expertise and a throwaway despite the gobs of Euros probably spent to build it. The one-note storyline is basically just a frantic chase scene, not enough for even a trailer preceding the latest Disney/Pixar release, much less a Disney-quality theme park experience. A secondary problem is that the trackless carriages don’t enrich the experience: basically, they pull up in front of a screen, quiver around a little, then move the rider to subsequent screens as Ratatouille scurries under tables and away from those pursuing him… unlike in Mystic Manor and Hunny Hunt, the rider feels he/she is watching a short movie of Ratatouille being chased, rather than feeling like the one being chased. The final nail in the coffin is what 3D screens with 2014 technology looks like through 2018 eyes: grainy, a bit smudgy and cheap. Disney announced last summer it will bring a version of this attraction to its France Pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot in Florida sometime in the future. Some unsolicited advice: refinements are required.

The Saratoga Youth Commission and Saratoga Recreation Department are co-hosting an event titled “Dance for Individuals with Disabilities,” slated for Feb, 2 at the Joan Pisani Community Center, Sometimes international standard ballroom dance shoes Halloween comes around twice in a four-month time span, Well, not so much the gorging on fun-sized candy part, but the dressing up as your favorite character part, Some individuals will have a chance to dust off their Snow White and Cinderella costumes for a special dance coming up Feb, 2 in Saratoga..

Co-hosted by the Saratoga Youth Commission and Saratoga Recreation Department, the event, titled “Dance for Individuals with Disabilities,” is an attempt by the two groups “to provide inclusive opportunities for everyone in the community to attend events and be involved in recreation activities,” said Lauren Pettipiece, a spokeswoman for the city. The event is geared toward people with intellectual abilities, although all are welcome, she said. The dance will feature a DJ who has a daughter with Down syndrome, according to Pettipiece.

This is international standard ballroom dance shoes the second event of its kind in Saratoga, The first dance featured an 80s theme and was held in September, “It went really well,” said Pettipiece, “There were 47 participants, so overall there was a really good turnout.”, The dance is open to anyone with disabilities, but participants must be at least 14 years old, Friends and support staff are also welcome, said Pettipiece, The event will take place Feb, 2, 7-9 p.m., at the Joan Pisani Community Center, 19655 Allendale Ave, Tickets are $5 if purchased in advance from the recreation department and $7 at the door, For more information, and to download a required registration form,

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