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The charger is available now from Upp's website for £149 in the UK. It's not yet available in the US, but the company has said it will cost $200 from the retailer Brookstone, and presumably the same from its own site. The Upp charger couldn't be simpler to use: just take the cap off the end of the charger and connect the hydrogen fuel cell. They attach magnetically so the fuel cell snaps satisfyingly into place. At the end of the charger is a familiar USB socket. Plug your phone or any USB-charging device into the cable as normal, turn the charger on and away you go.

Simple it may be -- portable it is not, The Upp is touted as a power source when you don't have access to the mains, whether you're in a campsite in Cornwall or deep in the wilds of the developing world, But you need a few hydrogen cartridges with you if you're spending any time off the grid, and they ain't light, The charger weighs 235g (8.3 ounces) and each spare cartridge 385g (13.6 ounces), for a combined weight of 620g (1.4 pounds), The whole unit is about the size and weight of a medium-sized torch, one of the big ones powered by iphone 4 cases argos a batch of C batteries..

As it charges, the fuel cell vents water vapour every few minutes. Unfortunately, that makes a clearly audible "click-click" noise. It's not loud enough to scare anyone, but if you've got your phone charging next to you, the noise gets annoying fast. If you were camping, for example, it might keep you awake at night. Not only are the cartridges far from light, they ain't cheap either: you get one with the charger but after that a spare costs £35, and swapping empty for full costs £10 a pop. That converts to $59 and $17 respectively, but expect it to be a little cheaper in the US.

Swapping for a full cartridge limits where you can use the charger, The included app and Upp's website show you where you can get more hydrogen cartridges on a map, with dozens of locations in the UK and US, Currently they're all listed iphone 4 cases argos as "coming soon", however, and tend to be clustered in highly populated areas, In the US, many of the locations will be at branches of Brookstone, If you're planning to take the Upp on a plane, you'll need to check with your airline, The UK's Civil Aviation Authority says that you can take fuel cell devices on board a plane in your hand luggage, but you can only take two spare cartridges, Fuel cells are technically classified as "dangerous goods", so you would be best checking before you get to the airport..

The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. The Good The Upp charger's fuel-cell technology is interesting and innovative, and could be useful in certain circumstances. Its clever app, which knows when to stop charging, should point the way for all phones. The Bad The charger is far too heavy to be portable, far too expensive to be practical, and doesn't get as many charges as you'd hope for the size and cost.

The company appears to be finished with job cuts and is iphone 4 cases argos looking to actually start staffing back up, according to an internal memo sent out Friday by CEO John Chen and obtained by Reuters, A company spokesman confirmed to CNET on Tuesday that the memo's details are correct as reported, BlackBerry is undergoing a transformation, forced by its failures in the consumer market over the past several years as Apple's iPhone and smartphones running Google's Android operating system steamrolled BlackBerry's previous reign in mobile devices, BlackBerry is shifting its failed focus on consumers back to corporate and government clients and is building on its strengths in security and mobile-device management, The transition has been painful, with the company laying off thousands of employees, including 40 percent of its work force, or 4,500 people, last September alone..

According to the memo, Chen said the company will start to hire in areas such as product development, sales, and customer service. He added that BlackBerry is on its way to hitting its target of turning cash flow positive by the end of the current fiscal year, which runs to March 2015. That BlackBerry considers itself done with layoffs suggests a level of stabilization. The company tried unsuccessfully for a big comeback with the early 2013 launch of its BlackBerry 10 operating system, complete with four new devices. Questions remain whether BlackBerry devices can ever regain their popularity, even as the company once again targets high-end professionals.

Chen, a well-respected turnaround specialist from his time at business software provider Sybase, took the position as chairman and interim CEO in November and has been quick to get BlackBerry back to its core of serving corporations and government, In his tenure, the company has worked to produce a low-cost BlackBerry smartphone for emerging markets, as well as two higher-end devices: the Bold-like BlackBerry Classic and iphone 4 cases argos the wider BlackBerry Passport , At the same time, Chen has made cuts in other areas, including selling off real-estate holdings in BlackBerry's hometown of Waterloo, Ontario, dumping other non-core assets, and partnering with handset suppliers such as Foxconn to reduce manufacturing costs..

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