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Walkley trimmed his target price for HTC's stock to 130 New Taiwan dollars, from 145 New Taiwan dollars, but maintained a hold rating on the company's shares. In an effort to hold onto customers and counteract the marketing efforts of its competition, HTC has taken to customer-friendly campaigns, offering a guarantee to access to the latest version of Android and a replacement phone if the glass is cracked within the first year. An HTC representative wasn't immediately available for comment. HTC's newest flagship phone is struggling amid competition from Samsung, Chinese manufacturers, and others, a Canaccord Genuity analyst says.

Recent reports claim that Apple will launch two new iPhones -- one with a 4.7-inch screen, the other with a 5.5-inch display, The 4.7-inch model will reportedly see a 15 percent jump in battery performance over that of the iPhone 5S, according iphone 5 case with card holder to AppleInsider, citing a report from Chinese tech site IT168, If true, that would be a healthy and welcome boost over the 8 percent increase from the iPhone 5 to the 5S, Battery performance is one of the top complaints of smartphone users, How many of us run out of juice long before the day is over, requiring us to find a spot to recharge? Battery technology has improved over the years, But our smartphones now pack more and more features that can easily eat away at battery life, Finding a way to boost battery performance while keeping phones relatively slim and trim is the ultimate challenge..

Assuming the report from IT168 is even accurate, the 4.7-inch iPhone would use an 1,800 mAh battery, which would still keep the phone thin. Recent rumors claim that the next-generation iPhone will be thinner than previous models. The larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 would go even further by packing a 2,500 mAh battery, representing a 60 percent jump in battery performance from the iPhone 5S, AppleInsider noted. The new iPhone batteries would still leave Apple behind some of its Android rivals in capacity. Samsung's Galaxy S5 sports a 2,800 mAh battery. All else being equal, that capacity provides better performance, though the S5 weighs in as thicker than the current iPhone. Still, a slightly beefier phone may be a small price to pay for better battery life.

In a commercial spot released last week, Samsung even dissed Apple by referring to iPhone users as "wall huggers" who must always be near an outlet to keep recharging their phones, "I hear there's a new iPhone coming out soon," says one person in the ad, "Hope it has a better battery," responds someone else, Samsung's Galaxy S5 does offer iphone 5 case with card holder one distinct advantage -- a user-replaceable battery, Spend the money for a second battery, and Galaxy S5 owners can simply swap out the spent battery for a fresh one, Apple has consistently cordoned off the iPhone's battery, so users cannot swap or replace it..

Sony will kick off a new Xperia phone on Tuesday equipped with a front-facing flash and a big camera sensor, according to the XperiaBlog.net site, which is unaffiliated with Sony itself. Unconfirmed reports say the phone will be known as the Xperia C3, the site added. But Sony definitely does have something up its sleeve for Tuesday. In a tweet posted Monday, Sony's own Xperia account displayed a selfie of several people with the tagline "See your #selfies in a whole new light." That line could be the tipoff for a smartphone with a front-facing flash. A hashtag promises that we'll get the full picture tomorrow, pointing to July 8.

The selfie craze extends from ordinary folks to attention-hungry celebrities who can't seem to resist pictures of themselves, even mugging their way into photos in which iphone 5 case with card holder they're not supposed to be the center of attention, But the front-facing cameras on most mobile phones tend to be of lower quality than the cameras on the rear and lack the flash needed to properly expose the photo under darker conditions, A Sony phone with a better camera in the front could appeal to the selfie-loving public, especially if the company markets it as a selfie-friendly device..

Leaked images of the new phone display it in turquoise, though other colors will likely be available. Few specs are available at this point, though the Xperia blog says the phone will come with a 2500mAh battery. Images of the phone have popped up on other online sources, including Esato, an unofficial online forum aimed at Sony mobile phone users. (Via Electronista). The electronics giant will give us the full picture on Tuesday, promising that you'll "see your selfies in a whole new light."Those of you who snap a lot of selfies may want to stay tuned for a new Sony smartphone apparently about to be unveiled.

On Monday, the often iphone 5 case with card holder reliable @evleaks chimed in with its latest bit of scuttlebutt, saying that "Microsoft Surface Mini is back in production, in anticipation of a summer release." Rumors of a Surface Mini popped up in May after Microsoft invited journalists to a "small gathering" in New York City, But so far, a mini version of Microsoft's tablet has yet to appear, Microsoft recently added to its Surface lineup with the Surface Pro 3 , a tablet equipped with a 12-inch screen, a 2,160x1,440 resolution, an Intel Core i5 processor, and 8GB of memory, But the Surface Pro 3 starts at $800, a high price to pay for people who may just want a standard tablet, In contrast, 7-inch and 8-inch tablets have attracted consumers in part because of their low price tags -- usually starting at around $200..

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