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A Misfit app was added to the Pebble months ago in mid-June, but that app never ran in the background: it needed to be up and running to work. The new Pebble software update means that, once launched, any app will run while doing other things, and drain no more than half a day of normal use while running continuously. Fitness apps will partially embed themselves into Pebble's OS, while new custom watchface mini-apps can be used to quickly glance at steps. Some apps will even track specific actions beyond steps: Swim.com's app measures swim strokes, promising to turn the Pebble into a true pool fitness watch.

These new fitness apps sound like they could make regular fitness trackers obsolete, It's possible, considering that iphone 7 screen protectors reviews Pebble's watches are 5 ATM shower- and swim-friendly and have pretty good battery life -- not as good as most fitness bands, but better than most other smartwatches, Because the Pebble doesn't need daily charging, it can be used to track sleep at night, We'll need to test how these apps actually work, but these types of cross-wearable partnerships are more important than ever as companies like Google, Samsung and Apple continue to loom with more watches of their own, Fitness watches are becoming increasingly smarter, and smartwatches are getting more serious about adding some basic fitness tracking, too..

All Pebble owners will get these new fitness-tracking upgrades, meaning that there isn't a new watch. At least, not just yet. Pebble's also announced a $50 price drop on all models: the original plastic Pebble now costs $99 or £99, and the stainless steel Pebble Steel costs $200 or £179. Pebble will also start being sold in Benelux and Scandinavia, as well as additional US and UK retail stores, with phone network O2 getting the UK exclusive on the cherry-red Pebble. Will fitness cause a Pebble revival? The venerable smartwatch has been around since mid-2013, seen a redesign in January in the form of the Pebble Steel, but has hung in through many new smartwatch regimes from Samsung, Google, and others. If you liked using a Pebble watch before, you're more likely to like it now. And if it works as advertised, these new features could make the Pebble the best budget wearable, without contest..at least, for now.

The Pebble and Pebble Steel get true background fitness tracking and support for apps, along with lower prices: at last, could we have a smartwatch end up being a serious fitness band replacement?, The wearable wrist revolution thus far has been about smartwatches and fitness bands, but the two don't always overlap, In fact, it's hard to find one device that does both well, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any iphone 7 screen protectors reviews time at our discretion..

Demand for tablets is slowing around the world, said the research firm, with shipments forecast to inch up only 2 percent in 2014 compared with 2013. The industry will ship 254 million tablets this year, a decline of 14 percent from NPD's previous estimate for 2014. Further, growth will continue to remain in the single digits through 2018, with demand largely driven by people replacing their existing tablets. NPD blamed much of the slowdown on the increasing overlap among screen sizes for tablets, notebooks, and smartphones. Shipments of 7-inch to 7.9-inch tablets will be cannibalized to some degree by smartphones and phablets with display sizes of 5.5 inches and higher. Among all tablets, the unit share held by devices in the 7-inch to 7.9-inch range is expected to fall from 55 percent this year to 35 percent in 2018.

"Leading brands are changing their business plans, because the rapid growth that tablet PC demand has experienced over the past several years is ending," Hisakazu Torii, vice president of smart application research at NPD DisplaySearch, said in a statement, "We can expect to see more competitive overlap among display sizes for tablet PCs, notebook PCs, and smartphones, as Apple has announced its new iPhone 6 Plus, with an increased screen size of 5.5 inches."Other research firms have been predicting a downturn in tablet sales, In a iphone 7 screen protectors reviews report released in May, IDC lowered its tablet sales estimate for 2014 to 245.4 million units, down from 260.9 million previously, In cutting its forecast, the firm cited two factors: competition from big-screened phones and consumers hanging onto their existing tablets much longer..

To better compete against phablets, the tablet industry will increasingly introduce larger sized tablets, Torii said, pointing to Microsoft's latest 12-inch-screened Surface Pro 3 tablets. The average tablet screen size will increase from 8 inches this year to 9 inches in 2018, as demand for larger tablets eventually surpasses that for their smaller counterparts. Shipments of tablets outfitted with screens 11 inches and larger will grow from 2 percent this year to 14 percent in 2018. But such tablets will gear up to compete directly with notebooks equipped with screen sizes up to 13 inches, NPD said.

Meanwhile, the global notebook market is expected to start a recovery this year, according to NPD, The recovery will be due to several factors, including continued PC refresh cycles, ongoing migrations from Windows XP, and the rise in lower-priced Windows notebooks and Chromebooks, But the recovery may not last long, and demand for notebooks will hinge in part on how consumers take to Windows 9, "The iphone 7 screen protectors reviews decline in notebook PC demand is expected to level off in 2016, with flat or slow growth thereafter," Torii noted, "Consumer acceptance of the Windows 9 user interface will be the key to continued notebook PC demand growth."Regardless, shipments of larger-screened tablets will rise over the next several years, says market researcher NPD DisplaySearch..

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