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Ring sizes are notoriously fickle, so Mota is planning to create just one or two ring and then offer changeable interior pieces to adjust the fit. The battery standby time is expected to be between 24 and 72 hours, depending on usage. You will need to supply your own inductive charger to juice the ring up, though Mota is looking into adding a charger as a funding perk. Unlike smartwatches, which typically run in the $200 to $300 range, the Mota is going for a $75 pledge on Indiegogo. It currently has raised more than $24,000 toward a $100,000 fixed-funding goal with 25 days left to go.

On some levels, a smartring sounds a little absurd, There's not a lot of room to work with since you don't have the screen space a watch style provides, On the other iphone case battery hand, the small size could be appealing for people who don't want to flash a larger wearable, The smartring is very much under development, If the project is successful, Mota expects to ship the rings in the spring of next year, If just basic notifications are all you're looking for, then the Mota smartring could be a subtle and relatively affordable method for achieving this..

Mota is raising funds to complete development on a smartring that makes phone notifications small enough to squeeze onto your finger. Not everyone is thrilled about the idea of wearing a smartwatch. Some people ditched their watches in exchange for smartphones a long time ago and don't want to go back. Others just don't want to add something chunky to their wrists. If you're still enamored with the idea of notifications, but shy away from smartwatches, maybe a smartring would be more your style.

A fraternity brother of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and CTO Robert Murphy, Brown claimed he came up with the idea for the ephemeral messaging app in 2011 while he was attending Stanford University, Brown said he shared the concept with Spiegel, who allegedly called it a "million-dollar idea." In 2011, Brown was pushed out of the company, which is now worth $10 billion, Brown first brought the lawsuit in February 2013, After much legal wrangling over the iphone case battery past year -- including a judge denying Snapchat's motion for a temporary restraining order against Brown -- it appears the case has finally come to an end..

Both Spiegel and Murphy claimed Brown was not part of the company. However, in his testimony, Spiegel did say "Reggie may deserve something for some of his contributions."The terms of the settlement were not disclosed. When contacted by CNET, Snapchat declined to comment. After much legal wrangling, the fraternity brothers come to an agreement about the early development of the ephemeral messaging app. Snapchat has come to an agreement with its ousted co-founder Reggie Brown. The company announced Tuesday that it has settled a lawsuit brought by Brown on claims he was entitled to a one-third stake in the startup, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

San Diego, Calif.-based Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 210, its first chip focused on bringing 4G LTE to entry-level smartphones and tablets, The processor could help Qualcomm in its effort to expand in emerging markets -- such as China, India and Latin America -- where MediaTek has developed a strong base, as more and more consumers in those countries iphone case battery purchase smartphones, Additionally, Qualcomm said Tuesday that it will start offering technical blueprints, known as reference designs, for LTE-enabled tablets, as it looks to coax more device makers to use its chips in their gadgets..

Qualcomm's new focus on low-end devices could be seen as a response to MediaTek expanding into Qualcomm's territory. Qualcomm is the largest maker of smartphone chips by shipments and has a dominant position in high-end mobile devices, but industry watchers see Taiwan-based MediaTek as its biggest competition in wireless chips. MediaTek managed to grow rapidly by focusing on the low-end market in emerging regions, a high volume but low profit business. MediaTek now is looking to spread out into higher-end devices, this year introducing beefed up processors offering top-of-the-line features.

Also, Qualcomm's new push into the low-end is partly a way of capturing the rapid growth in emerging regions to balance out softer growth in mature -- though more profitable -- Western countries, where smartphones sell for more money but many people already own the devices, Still, that effort has iphone case battery brought risks: The Chinese government is investigating Qualcomm over potential antimonopoly practices and the company in July revealed it believes some of its Chinese licensees are underreporting their sales, which cuts into on Qualcomm's royalty payments..

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