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And it's not just Apple that has been caught in the thrall of annual upgrade cycle (an idea I've railed against for years). Samsung's various devices get new installments every year like clockwork, need it or not, as do game franchises from Call of Duty to Madden. By creating the expectation that there will be a new version of a hardware or software product every year, on roughly a 12-month cycle, companies can be caught between offering a modest but unexciting new installment in a product line, or being called out for abandoning consumers by not having anything new for them to buy. It's a "damned if they do, damned if they don't" situation, one Apple, Samsung, EA, and others have created for themselves.

But perhaps tech companies are starting to lean away from these minor annual refreshes, Today's MacBook Air offers better battery life, faster Wi-Fi and Thunderbolt connections, and more powerful performance than any prior version, this is still essentially the same device for iphone case lens the past few years from a design perspective, As modern and forward-looking as the MacBook Air was when first introduced in 2008, and refined to its current form in 2010, it has since been eclipsed by a few generations of Windows ultrabooks and Windows 8 hybrids, with industrial designers let loose to throw ideas against the wall and see what sticks..

That's why waiting on new MacBooks, or new iMacs, Mac Pros, or Mac Minis, until there's a more substantive physical update to offer consumers is a change from the standard operating procedure (it helps that there's not a new Intel platform to switch to yet). But, it's a potentially welcome change. After all, how would you feel about being offered yet another MacBook Air in a body that's four years old, or an iMac in a body entering its third annual cycle?. Of course, all we've done here is break the WWDC annual upgrade cycle. Apple may well be back later in the year with separate events for computer, tablet, and phone hardware. The question is -- will these fall updates offer something actually new, or just the usual incremental annual upgrade?.

If you're disappointed at the lack of iphone case lens new Apple hardware at WWDC 2014, there are still plenty of new developments to check out, See all of today's WWDC news or zero in on our first looks at OS X Yosemite, iOS 8 , and HealthKit , No new MacBooks at WWDC 2014, and that may be a good thing, For the past two years, Apple's WWDC keynote has included significant Mac hardware announcements and introductions alongside the software and OS news the conference is built around, The MacBook Air, in particular, has been tied to the WWDC June timetable for its past couple of generations..

What do we know about the device? Officially, nothing, except that it has a power button, a volume rocker, and a camera. Considering we're talking about "big" things, we might look for a large-size screen, somewhere around 6.5 inches. Precedent is another good reason why this phone is probably the Z2 Ultra. It was about this time last year when Sony unveiled the Z1 Ultra, its largest Android phone ever. As a plus-sized take on the Xperia Z1, it launched only a few months after the flagship. Sony will probably follow suit for its current model, the Xperia Z2 .

Shh., do you want to know a secret? Stay tuned for the iphone case lens next big thing this season, pic.twitter.com/uDE3wDYAzw, - Sony Xperia (@sonyxperia) June 2, 2014, Announced at Mobile World Congress in February, the Z2 is a hardware-lover's dream, Details include a 2.5GHz series Snapdragon quad-core processor, 3GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, and 3,200mAh battery, Toss in a killer 20.7-megapixel camera and Triluminos display, and you've got one of the year's best devices, Assuming Sony takes the same path this year, we could see an announcement before June is out..

Sony has taken to social media to begin promoting its next smartphone, likely the Z2 Ultra. Sorry, Samsung. It looks like Sony has co-opted the term "next big thing" for now. Sony has taken to its blog and social media accounts to tease its next smartphone, likely the Sony Xperia Z2 Ultra, a successor to last year's Xperia Z1 Ultra . Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

That's exactly what anyone tuning in to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference for any product announcements got on Monday, New MacBooks? Sorry, A new iPhone? Nope, That fabled iWatch? Please, But that didn't mean Apple came to its big spring show empty-handed, iphone case lens The company actually managed to jam in a good amount into its breezy, surprisingly funny, two-hour presentation, True to its developer audience, it focused on its OS X Yosemite desktop operating system and iOS 8 mobile software, There was nothing truly groundbreaking, with the announcements amounting to either nice-to-have improvements to its mobile and desktop experiences or developments with grander implications down the line, Apple's diehard fans might salivate over today's news, but casual technology enthusiasts could be excused if they found it to be a bit of a snooze..

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