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And so begins the setup process. Chrome begins by asking you for permission to access certain elements of your account. Give the go-ahead to continue. At this point, Chrome lets you set up remote access in either of two ways. Choose the first if you'd like to access someone else's computer, which is useful for giving them interactive tech support. Choose the second option if right now, all you want is to access your own computer. For this step-by-step, we'll choose the latter, but you can always return to this screen and set up access to someone else's computer in the future.

Finally, choose a memorable six-digit PIN, You'll use this to sign in on your Android device, Before we continue the setup process on Android, iphone case qi check your power settings. If your computer goes to sleep while you're away from home, you won't be able to gain remote access, In Windows, simply launch the Start menu and search for "Power Options" to launch this screen, On a Mac, head to System Preferences > Energy Saver, and check the option for "Prevent computer from sleeping.." to make sure it stays awake for remote access..

The second part of the setup happens on Android, where you'll be remotely accessing your computer. To begin, download the app from the Play Store. Whether you're on an Android phone or tablet, the setup is the same. When the app launches, it'll automatically search for any computers associated with your Google account. If you don't see your computer in the list, check to make sure the email address at the top is the same one you used to set up the app on your desktop. You're almost there. Enter your PIN (the one you chose during the desktop setup portion), and your screen will appear.

Visit manufacturer site for details, Editors' note, February 24, 2015: The apps, Line and Sketch, have subsequently been renamed Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch, Adobe also dropped the price to $125 via Adonit.net (roughly £81 and AU$160), reflected below, Morphing from the more interestingly named Project Mighty and Napoleon, the Adobe Ink and Slide is the company's first attempt at hardware: a stylus and ruler that work with iphone case qi your iPad , plus a pair of apps that take advantage of their features..

Adobe refers to its Ink pressure-sensitive stylus as a "cloud pen", though in its initial incarnation at least the cloud connection seems rather underwhelming. Ink works in conjuction with Slide, which Adobe describes as a "digital ruler," and strikes me as oddly superfluous. It's almost as if the concept for Slide launched the whole development process, but after discovering it was unnecessary they felt compelled to make it a real product anyway. It's currently available in the US and UK, among some other regions, but still not Australia. And for now, it's all iOS-only, in part because the overlap between Apple and Adobe fans is fairly large.

The other half of the Ink and Slide package consists of two apps, Adobe Line and Adobe Sketch, both of which will be available for download -- with a Creative Cloud subscription, free or paid -- and those you'll be able to get outside the US, They're both drawing apps, iphone case qi though Line might be considered more of a technical sketch tool (albeit without numeric precision), whereas Sketch is a creative freehand tool intended for sharing sketches on the online portfolio site Behance, Note that the hardware is really beside the point for Adobe -- the company doesn't want to be in the hardware business as much as it wants to inspire developers to hook into its software, and by extension, Creative Cloud, For better or worse, it's in the business of selling subscriptions, Ink and Slide are ultimately just proof-of-concepts to attract third-party hardware developers to create tools, along with the launch of Adobe's Creative SDK..

Ink is an elegantly designed, pressure-sensitive stylus manufactured in conjunction with Adonit. (Ink and Slide sales go through its site.) Made of lightweight hydroformed aluminum with a triangular twisted barrel and a single button, flush with the surface, the stylus fit comfortably in my hand. Like the rest, it connects via Bluetooth 4, which limits it to iPads subsequent to the iPad 2 . On its end sits an LED that you can program to a custom color to identify your Ink out of the potential crowd of other Inks in your vicinity. Other setup options include palm rejection and a choice from six options to tell the apps which way hold the pen. (The latter is to perform parallax correction to more accurately represent where the tip is onscreen.).

Ink's charger/carrying case is also quite cleverly designed, and when detached from the USB cable intended to be thrown into a bag or pocket, Adobe rates Ink as taking 1 hour to charge and runs for 8 hours of continuous use, Most iOS iphone case qi styli use either a disc (like the Jot Touch 4) or large round rubberized nub (like the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus) to combine multiple sensors in order to simulate pressure sensitivity on iOS, Ink's tip has a relatively fine 2mm point that's just a little bigger than a typical Wacom desktop stylus, It makes a big difference in feel -- less friction, more natural -- and feels very much like using a Wacom Intuos stylus..

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