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The team built a series of apps to showcase what the interface can do. For example, a map application can be explored and zoomed by panning and twisting the bezel, and an alarm can be set by twisting. Clicking can be used as a method of selecting -- similar to a mouse click. The interface is so versatile that it can even be used to control a ported version of first-person shooter Doom. Future versions could incorporate motions such as 3D pan, yaw, pitch and roll -- allowing for even more sophisticated, yet intuitive controls -- and could be implemented in concert with existing input methods, such as touch and voice.

The full paper, "Expanding the Input Expressivity of Smartwatches with Mechanical Pan, Twist, Tilt and Click", can be read online (PDF), Rather than fumbling awkwardly with a tiny touch screen, a smartwatch prototype is controlled by twisting and tilting, A touchscreen may be the perfect input mechanism for a mobile phone, but shrink the screen to iphone screen protector belkin smartwatch size and suddenly it seems a lot less elegant, For just that reason, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new prototype that relies not on touch, but on physical twisting and tilting for control..

Several medical institutions have already been testing the computer-enabled eyeglasses to see if the devices enhance doctors' work. But the School of Medicine at the University of California, Irvine, is taking it one step further by issuing Google Glass to its students. Irvine will be the first medical school to fully incorporate Glass into its four-year curriculum. Its first- and second-year students will use the device in their anatomy and clinical skills courses, while third- and fourth-year students will wear Glass during their hospital rotations.

"I believe digital technology will let us bring a more impactful and relevant clinical learning experience to our students," UC Irvine's dean of medicine, Dr, Ralph V, Clayman, said in a statement, "Enabling our students to become adept at a variety of digital technologies fits perfectly into the ongoing evolution of health care into a more personalized, participatory, home-based, and digitally driven endeavor."While the general public appears to still be making up its mind about the idea of wearing a face computer, some fields of work see the wearable as a helpful asset, For medicine, doctors won't have to use their hands iphone screen protector belkin to dig through files, search computers, or look up facts on a tablet, With a simple nod of the head or blink of the eye, they could get all of the real-time information they need without having to leave a patient's side..

Besides UC Irvine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston has also been testing Glass with its emergency-room doctors. The center found that the wearable has proved helpful with getting summarized information to doctors as they're speaking with and examining patients. UC Irvine has also found Glass helpful in the pilot tests it has conducted in operating rooms, intensive-care units, and the emergency department. "Medical education has always been very visual and very demonstrative, and Glass has enormous potential to positively impact the way we can educate physicians in real time," said Dr. Warren Wiechmann, UC Irvine's assistant clinical professor of emergency medicine and associate dean of instructional technologies. "Indeed, all of medicine is based on 'seeing,' not 'reading,' the patient."Updated May 15 at 4:00 p.m. PT: Clarifies that all students will use Google Glass in their studies but not all will necessarily get a Google Glass unit.

"It's been a month since we began selling the S5, and out of the gate, sales are much stronger than the Galaxy S4," Shin told the Journal, Last year, Samsung reported 10 million Galaxy S4 sales in its iphone screen protector belkin first post-launch month, Shin said that the stronger sales for the Galaxy S5 were due to the company being better prepared with carrier agreements and offering the phone in 125 countries at the same time, according to the Journal, He said sales were especially good in developed countries, including the US, Australia, and Germany..

While the South Korean electronics giant is showing strong mobile sales, the company has experienced a rocky past few months. Not only did it report two consecutive quarters of profit decline, but it also lost 1 percent of its smartphone market share in the first quarter of this year. That was Samsung's first drop in smartphone market share since 2009. For the first quarter of this year, Samsung reported a first-quarter operating profit of $8.2 billion, which was a 3.3 percent decline from the same period last year. And the company's mobile division, which typically accounts for two-thirds of the company's revenue, recorded a first-quarter operating profit of $6.2 billion, a slight decline from a year ago -- and the first decline in more than three years.

It's believed Samsung's lackluster earnings come from heightened competition from lower-cost smartphone makers like Huawei and Lenovo, With its last earnings report Samsung said it expected revenue to improve in the second quarter due to strong sales of the Galaxy S5 , The flagship handset went on sale in early April and the company announced that it exceeded launch-day sales of iphone screen protector belkin the Galaxy S4 by roughly 30 percent, In some markets, Galaxy S5 sales on that first day were reported to be double that of the Galaxy S4..

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