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The old Nano, the one that fit on optional wristbands and was, already, a watch, could be a really model for what comes next. A modular, Bluetooth-connected device, that could also track steps and be a good overall music player, would solve a lot of needs. It wouldn't necessarily be super-exciting, but it could also get to a price that wasn't too expensive. Yes, the Nano could return as a wrist-worn, more advanced health tracker and smartwatch alternative. But maybe there's more than one Apple wearable. The Shuffle could incorporate an M7 processor -- Apple's motion co-processor that debuted in the iPhone 5S -- and double as an entry-level pedometer (think Fitbit Zip ).

And maybe there's an even higher-end product, one that casts a wider net on lifestyle beyond fitness, A new Nano could add wireless connectivity for subscription music services, and maybe even some connected smartwatch-like features, if it's Bluetooth linked, Just adding M7 processors and Bluetooth would be a big first step to giving Apple, essentially, wearable fitness products, Even in its reduced state with iphone screen protector unbreakable no new products, Apple still sold 2.75 million iPods last quarter -- a number that dwarfs the number of Samsung Gear watches sold to date, It wouldn't take much for Apple to go from zero to 100 in the wearable space, if its wearable products could at least double as iPods..

I can't think of a single wearable I've seen that isn't function-challenged. It's a glorified pedometer, or it's got half-baked apps, or it has a ridiculously short battery life, or..it doesn't do anything a phone doesn't already do. That's the story of most bands and glasses. And almost all of them suffer a fate of being a phone accessory, serving a role that most people haven't found a need for yet. Most of these watches have awkward chargers, unreliable connectivity, and questionable apps. Apple would have to solve these problems, and I'm not sure all of them can be solved right now. So maybe the answer is baby steps. Create a product that does a few things well now, and wait until next year or the year after to take the next leaps. Make it small, make it affordable, make it stand apart from an iPhone. That's something that even the lowly, screenless, 4-year-old $50 iPod Shuffle does well -- once you load it full of music, at least.

It's hard to make a great wristband, Snapping a band out and finding the right design is a pain, Most smartwatches also have to deal with wear and tear on those parts, too, Selling the bands separately -- or, whatever other accessories are compatible -- seems most like the path of the iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple has created a massive halo industry based on docks, headsets, cables, chargers, and especially cases, The wearable iPod can follow in that tradition, Sure, Apple can iphone screen protector unbreakable toss in a default band, but the core device shouldn't be married to one, Letting accessory partners fill in the gaps will make it easier to appeal to both men and women, The Misfit Shine and Withings Pulse have already taken this path..

I can't help wondering about who would buy a mythical iWatch, and what it would actually do to convince people to buy one. When the iPad debuted, it wasn't the first tablet. The iPhone emerged when a fair number of people owned cellphones, and even smartphones. The iPod wasn't the first MP3 player. But the smartwatch market feels a lot less mature than those tablet, smartphone, and music player markets were at the time. Fitness trackers are a different story. Because they're affordable and simpler to use, I know more people who bought or want to buy Fitbits, Fuelbands, Jawbone Ups and other bands. Fitness tracking is the market that makes the most sense for Apple.

An M7 chip-equipped iPod with a pedometer and Bluetooth audio may not sound exciting, but a lot of people would use one, Who? Anyone who's in the market for a basic fitness tracker, Add in an ability to transfer music wirelessly via iTunes, or work with a subscription music service like the one that Apple might have from a partnership with Beats, and knit in more advanced Nike+ Fuelband-like connectivity, and you have an equation for a better, more attractive iPod, Is that enough for now? Maybe not if you're expecting a revolutionary device, but watches studded with features that can also run apps are only as good as the use cases they're able to be amazing for, Samsung's Gear watches iphone screen protector unbreakable are full of features, but they're not very easy to use, and they don't do all that many things exceptionally well, They're forward-thinking, but unfinished..

Alternatively, a new wearable-friendly iPod could work in some new advanced tech and be really good at it: excellent heart rate monitoring that worked as well as Touch ID does for fingerprints, for instance. Or, maybe the much-discussed but still not finalized Apple-Beats deal could provide new headphone tech, or extra features that enhance sound. Is Beats necessary for a future iPod? No, but if any Apple device seems like a no-brainer for Beats integration, it would be the iPod. In a landscape as messy as wearables, I'm increasingly of the opinion that any gadgets are better off doing one or two things well or not do them at all. If this is the humble iPod's destiny, I'm all for it.

iWatch? What about iPod? Apple's most forgotten big brand seems ripe for a makeover, Apple hasn't had a new iPod since 2012, There were two that year, debuting alongside the iPhone 5: an updated iPod Touch and a redesigned Nano, It's been a while, And during that time, the iPod line's share of iphone screen protector unbreakable Apple's revenue -- once the company's bread and butter -- continues to fade, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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