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Fashion is important too. It is Berlin, after all. Three 4K TVs leads to a delightfully immersive racing experience. "I've got hoop dreams, coach!"No technology show would be complete without a Tesla electric car. Panasonic has some innovative new ways of storing lettuce. You can get your hair done on the show floor. Or on stage, if you'd prefer. Giant washing machines aren't hard to come by at IFA. Philips had demo stations for its new irons and vacuum cleaners -- both of which were being demoed by women.

Correction, 6pm UK: A previous version of this slide said the irons were made by Panasonic, iphone screen protector video To show off its new projector, Philips chose the best snowboarding film ever made, "Art of Flight", Good choice, Correction, 6pm UK: A previous version of this slide credited the Screeneo projector to Panasonic, This is not the case, Sony's booth wasn't really a booth at all -- it was a massive hall, Here's expert technology presenter Luke Westaway and video producer extraordinaire Marc Ganley hard at work making a first-look video of some of Sony's new products..

"I've always loved you, Samantha.""Not now, Charles."Sony's audio demo stations were very popular. A huge amount of time, effort and no doubt money goes into creating these booths. A man tries out Oculus Rift. If the WD experience requires a Land Rover, count me in. This cheeky little chap represents Web OS, the troubled mobile operating system. A man in formal evening wear offering an Acer phone on a silver tray to a total stranger isn't something you see every day, but at IFA it's perfectly standard.

Apple tapped on the media's collective shoulder last week and invited the world to a mysterious event on September 9, Granted, almost all of iphone screen protector video Apple's announcement events have at least attempted to be mysterious, The invite came with the message, "Wish we could say more." Apple doesn't have to say anything for everyone to be pretty sure the event will be focused on debuting the iPhone 6, Beyond that, there are a lot of possibilities, The iPhone 6 itself is strongly rumored to come in two flavors: one with a regular-sized screen like we're all used to and one with with a larger 5.5-inch screen that edges more into phablet territory, Some people naturally shy away from phablets, but others will embrace the extra display real estate, Analysts have differed on whether those screens will be available with scratch-resistant sapphire construction..

One of the more persistent rumors is that Apple will finally unveil its entry into wearable technology in the form of an iWatch (though the name could certainly be something else entirely). If this actually happens, then we'll have to applaud Apple for managing to keep the device well under wraps ahead of the announcement. Of course, a wearable-tech device may not be in the cards for September 9 at all. Hot on the heels of the nude-celebrity-photos leak, Apple may feel compelled to address the issue of iCloud security. It will be interesting to see if Apple chooses to bring this up at an event that should otherwise have a celebratory tone.

Perhaps you've already secured your iPhone 5 trade-in price and can't wait to move up to a bigger screen, Maybe you like the the slim size of the iPhone you already have, Perhaps an Apple on your wrist is your most fervent desire, or maybe you're yearning for more information to ease your iCloud security worries, Vote in our poll and tell us what you want most from Apple's upcoming event, Then, tune into CNET's live coverage on September 9 and see if your wish becomes reality, September 9 marks the day Apple unwraps a new set of gadgets, The iPhone 6 is a safe bet, but the rumored iWatch may rear iphone screen protector video its head and steal the spotlight..

The Archos Music Beany is a woolly hat that plays music. Seriously, why has no-one thought of that before? It goes on sale in October for £30 in the UK, which works out to 50 bucks in the US or Australia. The beany made its public debut at IFA, the annual technology trade show in Berlin. Check out CNET's full coverage of IFA 2014 here. Inside the hat is a fleece lining to keep the heat in as you rock out. The hat connects to your phone, tablet or other musical device via Bluetooth. Headphones are attached inside to play your tunes directly into your bonce.

Sony's smart spectacles are similar to Google Glass, the smart specs already on sale, They're nowhere near as elegant as the wire-frame Google Glass, looking more like a pair of unwieldy 3D glasses than the unobtrusive Glass, and they sit slightly proud of your face -- in their current form, the Sony specs are a pair of conspicuous goggles rather than a wearable people won't notice you're wearing, The iphone screen protector video glasses work by projecting information from your Android phone onto the lens as head-up display, so the words appear to hover in crisp green lettering over your view of the world in front of you, It's a bit like in a fighter pilot's view in the cockpit of a jet plane, except with recipes and your email instead of missile lock on a bogey, So yes, if you want to walk around wearing these things, go ahead and tell yourself you're just like a fighter pilot..

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