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Album art is given more prominence in the new version, and features such as setting alarms, changing the music that plays in different rooms and managing playlists have been streamlined. On iOS, the app now hooks into Apple's VoiceOver, which lets you use gestures to control apps and reads out what's on the screen. Today's update is only for devices running iOS 6 or above and Android 2.1 or higher. You should get a notification in the app when the update it available. The PC and Mac versions of the controller "will be available at a later date", Sonos told CNET. As for whether the company will support Windows Phone, it's "currently under consideration by the Sonos product team."Competition in the speaker streaming space is becoming fiercer, with goliaths such as Samsung getting in on the act, cheap Bluetooth speakers forcing overall prices down and Apple's AirPlay an ever-present threat. So far, Sonos has managed to stay successful by making one of the easiest to use streaming speakers around. A successful app redesign is crucial to the company's ability to continue to attract new users without annoying existing owners by changing anything too drastically.

Below is a Sonos video on how it all works, showing the new design (there's also a Swedish version if you're interested), Let me know what you think of the new app in the comments, A much-needed design refresh to the music controller app is being rolled out to all mobile devices today, Streaming music speaker manufacturer Sonos will take its redesigned controller app out of beta iphone screen protector with design today, making it available for iPhone and iPad users for the first time, The app has been in beta for Android only since March, but today all of the mobile apps Sonos currently supports will get the update..

Dubbed "Electronic devices with sidewall displays," the patent, granted to Apple by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Tuesday, describes how flexible displays, including OLEDs, can be placed on the sides of a screen to create a wraparound display experience. According to the patent, the sidewalls would allow for expanded interactivity with the mobile software. Apple envisions the sidewalls being used for extra buttons and freeing up space on the front-panel display for standard activities. A wide range of gadgets could be suitable for "a flexible display having bent edges visible along an edge of the device," the patent says, including "a laptop computer, a tablet computer, a somewhat smaller device such as a wrist-watch device, pendant device, or other wearable or miniature device, a cellular telephone, a media player, etc."Apple, like most other big companies, constantly files for patents related to technologies its staff is developing. In many cases, the technologies never make their way to devices, so no one should expectthe sidewall feature to be coming to an iPhone, iPad, or smartwatch. On the other hand, don't be surprised if a sidewall display does eventually show up.

The feature is feasible now because of advances in flexible displays, Technologies like OLED allow for companies to contort a screen to fit a particular shape, which could allow for new device designs, Among the new devices getting some curvature into their displays, to one degree or another, are the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex , CNET has contacted Apple for comment on the patent, We will update this story when we have iphone screen protector with design more information, (Via AppleInsider), A recently granted patent application describes a method by which Apple would place OLED or other flexible displays around the sides of a mobile device..

An image posted by oft-accurate tipster Evleaks shows an LG phone with the traditional Windows Phone screen. Dubbed the LG Uni8, the device could see the light of day this year, according to Evleaks' tweet as it specifically lists 2014. The Uni8 resembles a traditional Windows Phone handset with the tiled home screen and the familiar navigation keys at the bottom. But otherwise, the leak doesn't reveal any specs or details about the device. CNET contacted LG for comment and will update the story with any further information. In February of 2013, LG told CNET that it had no immediate plans to sell a Windows Phone 8 handset, citing a lack of huge demand.

Still, if the image is legit, and Evleaks has a good track record, it means LG would join such players as Microsoft and Samsung in trying to carve out a niche in the Windows Phone 8 handset arena, But LG will certainly have its work cut out for it, Windows Phone continues to gain market share but remains a distant No, 3 in a mobile landscape dominated by Android and iOS, In 2010, LG launched its Windows Phone 7 Optimus devices, But in early 2011, LG marketing rep James Choi reportedly called the launch iphone screen protector with design underwhelming due to an inability to capture the interest of consumers..

A year ago, Motorola and Nokia were the two handset brands with the strongest allegiance to a specific operating system. But times -- and the owners of those companies -- are changing. Now what once seemed like an unquestioned loyalty to a particular OS has shifted to market-driven practicality. Motorola, one of the major handset companies to embrace Android early on, became a division of Google in 2012. Google made no secret that Motorola's patent portfolio -- rather than its handset business -- was the main reason it acquired a company that once led the Windows Mobile market with its slim BlackBerry-like "Q" smartphone.

However, the Motorola handset business is now on the verge of belonging to Lenovo, which plans to use the brand to build its presence in the North American smartphone market, Under Google, Motorola sought a way to embrace Android and build on top of it, A great example of this was the Moto X's touchless control, Saying "OK Google Now.." would return a voice prompt asking what you'd like to do, The choices generally involved Google functions such as searching or navigating somewhere, Recently, however, Lenovo said it will begin shipping Windows Phones, Having one of those phones bear a Motorola brand would have been unthinkable when the brand was owned by Google, And it's hard to see how North America -- where iphone screen protector with design Lenovo will focus on the Motorola brand -- could be an ideal market for Lenovo to launch a Windows Phone, However, the potential is there..

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