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The company, meanwhile, has lost its crown as the top mobile maker in two crucial markets -- India and China -- in the last quarter. The company did, however, keep its crown as the top smartphone maker in the US and remains the top overall smartphone maker in the world. Samsung will soon be contending with the next iPhone. Reports peg the unveiling on September 9, although Apple hasn't confirmed the date. (Via Android Headlines). The long-rumored, metal-framed smartphone may make its debut sooner than previously expected, according to reports.

This new phone is one of the first to be announced since Microsoft bought the phone-manufacturing part of Finnish company Nokia -- and, per Microsoft's plans to ditch the brand, perhaps one of the last phones to have Nokia written on it, Before the brand disappears, however, Microsoft will use the Nokia name as a trojan horse to build up Windows Phone in regions where the smartphone market is still in its relative infancy, Although the 130 isn't a Windows Phone, it is an opportunity for Microsoft to build on Nokia's iphone xr screen protector verizon popularity to corner more of the budget end of the market in these regions..

Microsoft says the Nokia 130 will go on sale in selected countries, including China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam. Exact release dates are yet to be confirmed, but it will be "this quarter" -- so between now and September. Both the single and dual-SIM models will cost the equivalent of 19 euros (about £15, $25, or AU$28) when bought unlocked and SIM-free. Nokia traditionally gives its prices in euros, and it looks like Microsoft is continuing that policy for the moment.

It's a candy bar phone iphone xr screen protector verizon with a 1.8-inch colour screen above an old-fashioned nine-button keypad, with soft keys in the middle, The 130 comes encased in white, black or red, Basic it may be, but there's still a few features that you'd find on a more powerful smartphone, including music and video, Powered by Series 30+ software, the 130 has a microSD slot for up to 32GB of MP3s or video, It has an FM radio built in-too, The battery lasts 36 days on standby, an impressive amount when most smartphones won't last 36 hours..

As with many of Nokia's cheaper phones, there are two versions: a single-SIM version and a model that holds two SIM cards. Dual-SIM phones are useful for anyone who wants to combine their work and personal numbers in one phone, or hand out different numbers to their significant others and their bits on the side. They're popular in developing countries but less so in mature markets such as the UK and US. The new old-school Nokia 130 comes in single or dual-SIM versions and goes on sale in China, India and Africa.

Going into this little experiment, I was highly skeptical, We've run through dozens of educational Android apps in the Google Play store, installing them on the family devices to provide a little extra practice time for reading, math,and geography, among other subjects, Almost universally, those apps have proven to be too easy, simplistic, or just plain boring iphone xr screen protector verizon to hold my daughter's attention for long and she inevitably ends up asking to play Temple Run instead after a short while, But the selection of exclusive apps pre-loaded onto the Little Scholar tablet, along with a limited number of read-along e-books, songs, and short story videos, not only holds her attention, it's also helped propel her math, reading, and geography skills forward during the summer months when some kids are more likely busy forgetting what was learned during the previous school year..

While the Little Scholar runs on Android 4.2.2, it's fully skinned up -- kids are greeted with a home screen that provides access to a funky camera app, digital books, songs, and videos, and more than 150 learning apps subdivided into preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade levels. It's also possible to connect to a special app store and download additional pre-curated apps. Without any prompting or nudging from her parents, my daughter seemed to naturally gravitate toward the first-grade level apps in search of a challenge. She also fully bought into the reward and incentives the apps offer, frequently showing off the number of gold stars, ribbons, and other forms of digital recognition she'd received.

Parents can also keep tabs on children's activity on the Little Scholar with a report card app that tracks and graphs how the tablet is being used down to the minute, Much iphone xr screen protector verizon to my surprise, I found that my daughter spends the vast majority of her time using the math-based apps on the tablet, She's especially eager to practice things that have a tangible use in the real world, like keeping track of time, money, and fractions, On several occasions, she would put away the device of her own accord in favor of playing with an actual stack of coins, My favorite moment was when she shoved the tablet to the side to instead start working out some math problems with pen and paper., for fun..

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