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“The house was completely leveled,” said her nephew Gabriel Coke of San Jose. “We know she was trying to escape the fire. But without electricity, there was no way to open the garage door.”. Authorities identified McReynolds in part through serial numbers from her double-hip replacement, Coke said. Born Carmen Colleen McKinley, McReynolds grew up in Southern Colorado when her father served as the town doctor in Durango, a town about 20 miles north of the New Mexico border and about 80 miles northeast of the Four Corners landmark. The family would follow in the patriarch’s footsteps: McReynolds went to the University of Colorado for undergraduate studies and medical school; her older brother became a pathologist, and her younger sister, Janelle, went on to work as a registered nurse.

“She loved being a doctor,” Janelle McKinley said of McReynolds, “She was great, She was my big sister.”, Coke remembers his aunt as a trailblazer — who knew her way around a rifle and gave him his first pocket knife — who once considered Joan Baez among her friends, “She was one of the only female doctors of her generation,” he said, “She was extremely independent.”, McReynolds was married in the 1960s but later divorced, At the Kilarney Circle home, she lived with an old college friend jessica simpson maggda ballet flats until that person died about 10 years ago, and had been living alone since, And McReynolds was acutely aware — and wary — of the fire dangers of the area..

“She had a fear of wildfire, and had commented before how she didn’t feel safe about that,” Coke said. Still, family members thought McReynolds might have either gotten out ahead of the fire or was rescued, based on word that police or firefighters reached her neighborhood that hugs the perimeter of the Fountaingrove Golf and Athletic Club. Saturday night, police called: Search teams had used a drone to locate her in the Mercedes in the garage. McReynolds is survived by her older brother, and younger sister. Coke said his aunt’s imprint won’t fade anytime soon.

“She was very stoic and Scottish, Very dignified and intellectual,” he said, “And she wouldn’t let anyone tell her how to live.”, Mike Grabow, The search for 40-year-old Mike Grabow, who was declared missing after his home on Mark West Springs Road vanished in the firestorm, ended Saturday afternoon when family and friends were notified that his remains had been found, Grabow, who originally hailed from Boise, Idaho jessica simpson maggda ballet flats before moving to Santa Rosa, was remembered fondly by friends who spent the past week searching for him at hospitals and shelters in the area, They held out hope even when cadaver dogs were sent to search his decimated neighborhood..

“Mike has found peace. I fought to keep hope for him alive these past days armed with the love of his family and community. He brought happiness into my life, and changed it infinitely for the better,” Rachael Ingram, a close friend, said in a Facebook post Saturday. Ingram was the last to hear from Grabow, in a text conversation that ended about 10:45 p.m. Oct. 8, not long after the fire started. “I’m home, that fire is up by my spot,” he texted. She said they exchanged a couple texts not related to the fire, then he stopped responding.

Ingram said she tried to get to Grabow’s home the day after the fire but was rebuffed jessica simpson maggda ballet flats by police, But his brother got through and reported the home was a total loss, “Everyone loved him,” Ingram told the San Francisco Chronicle, “I don’t really know how to put into words how he touched peoples lives without sounding like a cheesy novel, I loved him a lot, I still love him a lot.”, Daniel Southard, The last time Derek Southard heard from his beloved 71-year-old father Daniel was 12:05 a.m, Sunday..

“Are you having fun?’’ the father texted his son, who was in Monterey last weekend with his girlfriend Anna Paseka, attending a friend’s wedding. On Sunday, authorities named Daniel Southard as one of the victims of the Tubbs Fire. Derek, 29, had just graduated in June from UC Davis with a degree in chemical engineering. He’d come home to live with his father until he could find a job. The two were extremely close; Derek’s mother had died when he was just 2, and his father, who never remarried, raised the boy on his own.

“He had a pretty lively personality,’’ said Derek, “He loved to talk to people, He was pretty funny.’’, Around Santa Rosa, Daniel Southard seemed to know everyone, from his days running a Gold’s Gym, to the 15 years he served as the strength and conditioning coach for the Montgomery High School Vikings football team, To Daniel, keeping in shape wasn’t just a hobby; it was a religion, “He was a big body-building, muscle man,’’ said his son, Derek and Anna heard about the fire very jessica simpson maggda ballet flats early Monday morning, and raced home at 4:30 a.m, Her family house in downtown Santa Rosa was not affected, but Southard’s on Bennett Ridge Road was decimated, A neighbor told Derek there was no time to knock on doors, so he honked his horn hoping people would wake up..

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