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And while the regular mansion tour takes you through decorated bedrooms, ballrooms and kitchens, part of the charm of the new tour is that many of the rooms are in an unfinished state or show evidence of damage from the 1906 earthquake that toppled the top three stories of the house, which is said to have been under continuous construction until Winchester’s death in 1922. For the first time ever, a tour now includes the mansion’s front door, which was rarely used even in Sarah’s time. As with everything about the house, there’s a great story to go with the door, which may be true or just another legend. Supposedly, Theodore Roosevelt, on a tour of the West during his presidency, traveled to visit the mansion, situated among orchards west of San Jose. He came to the front door, which no one ever did, but was denied entrance by the servants because Mrs. Winchester wasn’t home.

As the first tour groups — which included San Jose City Councilman Chappie Jones — passed through the threshold, they were greeted with a guest book signed by visitors from 1924, (A new guest book awaits them at the end of the Explore More tour — if they make it out, of course.), From the front door, the tour winds through the house in disorienting fashion, creaking through narrow hallways and up and down staircases that will be new to even frequent visitors, At one point, visitors are required to don hard ksm dance shoes hats — branded with the Winchester Mystery House logo, naturally — because of the low ceilings and exposed pipes..

The new tour allows visitors to get a close-up look at the Crystal Bedroom, named for the glimmering mica embedded in the room’s wallpaper, as well as an attic-like storage space in the house’s north wing where windows and balustrades from the fallen seventh-floor tower are on display. But the highlight has to be the South Turret Witch’s Cap, the only circular room in the house and the place tour guide Jamie Foster said Harry Houdini once held a seance in 1924. The room’s peaked roof creates a unique capability: If you stand in a certain place, your voice resonates to create an eerie surround sound effect.

Every tour guide has a ghost story to tell, and Foster says the Witch’s Cap is also where she had her own inexplicable experience back in January, In preparation for the new tour, she was cleaning the room of cobwebs and singing to herself when she felt two arms wrap around her, She thought a friend was playing a joke on her, but when she turned around, no ksm dance shoes one was there, “I just kind of kept singing, I don’t know why, And the arms started to sway like they were dancing,” she said, “So I was in here, and I got to dance with a ghost.”..

The Explore More tour is opening just as interest in the Winchester Mystery House is on the rise, no doubt spurred in part by the thriller “Winchester,” which is due to be released in theaters next February. Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren, who was recently at the house to film scenes for the movie, was fascinated by everything she saw, said Magnuson, the general manager. But the new tour — offered only as a package with the regular 110-room Mansion Tour for a total 2½-hour experience — may be most valuable to those who think they already know all the house’s secrets. Kryis Lindseth-Reed , who runs the travel website Haunted Honeymoon with her husband, is already an annual pass holder at the Winchester Mystery House, but she was impressed with what she saw Thursday.

Like so many musicians enamored by American folk music, an encompassing umbrella that covers an intertwined thicket of traditions and styles, banjo master Jayme Stone came under the sway of the tireless musical sleuth Alan Lomax, The pioneering ethnomusicologist spent nearly seven decades traveling the globe to make field recordings, documenting the music of everyday life, Lomax was particularly active in capturing the sounds of the ksm dance shoes United States, and he was there in spirit to help guide Stone’s first musical explorations..

“I read Lomax’s memoir ‘The Land Where the Blues Began’ when I first started playing banjo 22 years ago,” says Stone, who performs with his Lomax-inspired quartet Folklife May 31 at Freight & Salvage in Berkeley and June 1 at Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz. “I used to send away for his Smithsonian/Folkways recordings, when they would spin you a cassette from the original reels. I love that process of discovery.”. The Toronto-born Stone started another creative journey with Lomax a few years ago while reading John Szwed’s acclaimed 2011 biography “Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World.” Determined to follow the musicologist’s adventures by listening to the field recordings he collected on his travels, Stone was able to take advantage of the newly digitized Lomax archive (where you can now find some 17 thousand audio files, http://research.culturalequity.org).

Inspired by Bahamian sea chanties, Gullah a cappella pieces from the Georgia Sea Islands, spooky old-time Appalachian ballads, work songs and fiddle tunes, he recruited an all-star cast of collaborators to reimagine a ksm dance shoes diverse program of songs and instrumentals, Captured on “Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project” (Borealis Recording), the 2015 album features Tim O’Brien, Bruce Molsky, Margaret Glaspy, Moira Smiley, and Bay Area-bred Brittany Haas and Julian Lage, “I gathered together some of my favorite acoustic musicians to put our own stamp on all of this amazing music,” says Stone from his home near Boulder, Colo, “It’s been an interesting evolution, The first few years were about the magical chemistry of these fleeting constellations, But after a while I was longing for the intimacy and connection of a regular group.”..

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