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That’s when a philosophical approach helps. “The Nutcracker” is almost certainly the work that ballet dancers will perform the most in their professional lives. Dancers might be tempted to check out emotionally as fake snow plasters their lipstick or they struggle to keep smiling with a mustache coming unglued. But most try to find a challenge in the ballet, somewhere. “If you’re going to do 46 shows in a row, you should get something out of it,” Rines says. “You shouldn’t just press ‘play.’ Our careers are so short, it’s kind of like wasting time — artistic time.”.

Walker agrees, “In a dream world, I would love to do something fresh and new,” she says, But given the reality, latin dance shoes amazon she sets her mind on finding inspiration here and there, experimenting with a role, or simply enjoying her colleagues, “The bonding experience, the crazy things that happen onstage, it’s a special time and a special tradition that we all share.”, ” ‘Nutcracker’ is what we have,” she says, “and it’s a pretty beautiful ballet, so it’s not as bad as it could be, It’s a fact of life.”..

You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. That’s right, parents, we’re talking to you. Yes, we know it’s been a long Christmas season, but the end is in sight. Perhaps you have some last-minute shopping left to do and some meal preparation, but after that … Woo-hoo. OK, maybe there’s one other thing — the preparation for Santa’s arrival. How do you keep the kids calm and reassured that Santa’s on his way on Christmas Eve? Go online to make sure St. Nick and the reindeer are on schedule.

Here are a few places you latin dance shoes amazon and little ones can visit together, NORAD hosts the “official” tracker, and its interactive site also features a video arcade, a library of fun facts and a playlist of Santa’s favorite holiday classics, Google is also in the tracking game, and its activities include a Santa selfie, a dance class and snowflake coding, Have any last-minute gift requests? Save your stamp and just visit, where you can laugh at the Joke of the Day and add your kids’ names to the Naughty or Nice list..

Caldwell Gallery: “Where Tradition Meets Innovation,” award-winning quilts from the Creative Home Arts Department at the San Mateo County Fair. Through Jan. 4. “Illuminating Insights” by Sloane Joseph, Jan. 10 through Feb. 26.Caldwell Gallery, 400 County Center at the Hall of Justice, Redwood City. Cantor Arts Center: “The Crown under the Hammer: Russia, Romanovs, Revolution,”  through March 4 (also at Hoover Institution). “Rodin: The Shock of the Modern Body.” Open ended. Three galleries including nearly 100 Rodin sculptures; includes comparative works by his rivals, mentors, admirers and imitators. Cantor Arts Center, 328 Lomita Drive, Stanford.

Community School of Music and Arts: “Picture This,” student exhibition, through Jan, 18, Mohr Gallery, Community School of Music and Arts, Finn Center, 230 San Antonio Circle, Mountain View, Free, or 650-917-6800, ext, 305, The Main Gallery: “Happenstance,” photographs by Nathalie Strand, Jan, 10 through Feb, 11; reception 5-8 p.m, Jan, 13, 5-8 p.m, The Main Gallery,1018 Main St., Redwood City, or 650-701-1018, Pace Gallery: Adam Pendleton, “Which We Can,” through Dec, 22, latin dance shoes amazon “Trans-figure,” sculptures and paintings by Kohei Nawa, Jan, 18 through Feb, 25, reception 4-7 p.m, Jan, 17, Pace Gallery, 229 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto,

Palo Alto Art Center:  Florence Robichon’s “A Brighter Future: Creativity and Learning in a Syrian Refugee Camp in Iraqi Kurdistan,” through Jan. 3. “Through That Which Is Seen,” various artists, Jan. 20 through April 8. Palo Alto Art Center, 1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto. American Association of University Women: Michelle Carter, “From Under the Russian Snow,” 10:30 a.m. Jan. 27. Redwood Shores Library, 399 Marine Parkway, Redwood Shores. 650-92-5822 or

First things first: Though it features a character named P.T, Barnum, “The Greatest Showman” latin dance shoes amazon is in no way a factual account of the life of the celebrated 19th-century circus founder and huckster, In fact, you’ll have to completely set aside any unsavory stories you may have heard about the real-life Barnum, because this one is played by the charming Hugh Jackman, Resistance is futile, Directed by first-timer Michael Gracey, the musical never aspires to be anything more than a heaping helping of PG-rated holiday cheese — something that the whole family can partake of, For the most part, it meets that low bar, though you’ll have to suspend disbelief at every turn..

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