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“First of all, female sexuality seen in a natural way is very rare in movies,” del Toro says. “It’s always objectifying, always serving glamour or a wink-wink perversity. It doesn’t exist except from the male gaze. What I wanted to do was show how integral water was to her. When you’re blessed to have your first encounter in the bath where you’d been alone, it’s a very special repairing of your soul.”. “I land in her bathtub as my place of refuge,” Jones says about his amphibious character. “Now we have no barriers between us, … so our touching becomes a big love scene. It had a purity and innocence to it that communicated volumes, I thought.”.

The bathroom set in Elisa’s apartment was re-created in a water tank for when Elisa gets a bright idea for an even more heightened experience, “When she stuffed towels under the door, turned the faucets on and flooded leather dance shoes men the room, we were in the tank,” Jones explains, “That was about eight feet of water, so we would have to gather our air at the top while treading water and then dive down to start the scene, “Speakers were underwater,” he continues, “with Guillermo on microphone giving us very specific instructions — things to work out with camera angles, what looks best, It was like a dance underwater, That’s what it felt like, just beautiful.”..

While the creature serves as Elisa’s ideal leading man, his nemesis — the government agent Strickland — is the real monster in the voiceless woman’s eyes, especially after he sexually harasses her at work. With recent mass exposure of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry and other fields, that scene carries a stronger charge than it was probably meant to when the movie was made last year. Michael Shannon, who plays Strickland, acknowledges the upsetting nature of the sequence, but feels that it adds extra significance to the film.

“It’s important to keep thinking about why people do that, and why they think it’s OK to,” says the busy actor, whose other planned awards-season release, “The Current War,” has been shelved indefinitely due to the fallout from the many allegations against its distributor, Harvey Weinstein, “The fact that that scene is in the movie — it’s an honest portrayal of a man who is very screwed-up in the head, “The way we’re dealing with the problem right now is great, holding people accountable and stuff,” Shannon adds, “But … we have to get to the root of it, And as an artist, I feel like it’s my responsibility to explore that and leather dance shoes men keep it in people’s thoughts.”..

On the afternoons of Dec. 16 and 17, at Redwood City’s Fox Theatre, audiences will be in full Christmas glow, as Peninsula Ballet Theatre presents its classic version of the beloved “Nutcracker,” with choreography by Carlos Carvajal. But on the evenings of Dec. 15 and 17, our correspondent Paul Freeman reports, the company will offer a very different sort of holiday magic — a hip hop version of the timeless tale. It’s not only enchanting, but explosively energetic. “Hip Hop Nutcracker” was choreographed by Isaac “Stuck” Sanders and Ale Martinez. They bring 17 hip hop artists from their troupes The Tribe and Poise’n to join Peninsula Ballet Theatre’s students and young company members on stage.

Gregory Amato, Peninsula Ballet Theatre’s Artistic Director, said, “It’s fresh and it’s exciting, Almost everybody has seen ‘The Nutcracker.’ Every company in the world does it, It’s nice to see a fresh take, And Stuck’s vision, his musicality, is just leather dance shoes men incredible.”, Sanders, a nationally acclaimed, award-winning hip hop artist, performs in the show, His partner, Ale Martinez, dances the role of Clara, Sanders, who teaches hip hop at the Peninsula Ballet Theatre’s studio, watched the company rehearsing the traditional “Nutcracker.” He saw the potential for bringing modern hip hop to the story..

“‘Nutcracker’ is such a huge tradition, why wouldn’t you do it?” Sanders said, with a laugh. “I’m a huge fan of character and costume. Character is what dance is all about. And this has such memorable characters. Once you have the character laid out for you, the rest is kind of just putting your skill to the test.”. The first act Christmas Eve party scene, which introduces young Clara and her family in their Victorian household, remains relatively unchanged in the hip hop version. But everything changes in the dreamlike second act.

Amato said, “Stuck thought, ‘Why can’t we transport Clara 200 years into the future, go from 1810 Germany to 2015 San Mateo County?’ Instead of being transported to a leather dance shoes men magical kingdom in her mind, we get transported to a magical hip hop kingdom.”, So Sanders fused hip hop choreography to the traditional music, but updated the sound, with elements like scratching, Amato said, “Who knew that Tchaikovsky would work with hip hop? But it absolutely does.”, Sanders did not have classical training and wasn’t well versed on ballet history, “But he absorbs it so quickly and he adapts the traditional ballet into his movements,” Amato said, “So it’s not just hip hop, He’s actually melded the two, which is what makes it so good.”..

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