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Details: 8 p.m.; $25-$55; 925-373-6800, 7 “Oklahoma!”: There are two Bay Area productions being mounted of this Rodgers and Hammers classic, which means you have plenty of opportunities to learn just what the heck a “Surrey With a Fringe on Top” is and meet the high-spirited girl who “Cain’t Say No.”. Details: Through Nov. 5 at Altarena Playhouse, Alameda; $27-$30;; Oct. 7-22 at Lyric Theatre, San Jose City College Theater (Lyric Theatre’s new home); $12-$37; 408-986-1455,

8 Lacy J, Dalton: The country singer-songwriter with the trademark gritty vocals had a string of hits in the 1980s, including “Takin’ It Easy” and “Crazy Blue Eyes.” Her charting days may be mens ballroom dance shoes cheap over but she’s still recording and touring, and comes to Pleasanton’s Firehouse Arts Center on Oct, 8, Details: 2 p.m.; $17-$27; 925-931-4848,, 9 Mads Tolling and Kenny Washington: Violinist Tolling performs a show featuring his covers of classic 1960s songs and TV and movie themes, ranging “Pink Panther” to “Meet the Flintstones” to “A Taste of Honey.” Joining him is the wonderful Bay Area singer Kenny Washington..

Details: 8 and 10 p.m. Oct. 6; Bing Concert Hall Studio, Stanford University (early show is sold out but check venue for late ticket releases); $15-$40; 10 “This Bitter Earth”: The events and emotions that drive relationships are a steady theme of award-winning playwright Harrison David Rivers. New Conservatory Theatre is presenting the world premiere of his latest play, a drama about what happens when romance and activism collide. Details: Through Oct. 22; New Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco; $30-$45;

By JESSICA GRESKO, WASHINGTON (AP) — A late-night party that turned a vacant Washington, D.C., home into a busy strip club was at the center mens ballroom dance shoes cheap of a Supreme Court argument Wednesday, prompting the justices to discuss strippers, marijuana and a party host named “Peaches.”, At one point, Justice Stephen Breyer created a fictional party host named Joe to probe issues in the case, which revolves around whether police had sufficient reason to arrest the partygoers for trespassing, “I am told … younger people frequently say, hey, there’s a party at Joe’s house, And before you know it, 50 people go to Joe’s house, And they all, they don’t really ask themselves does Joe own the house or rent it or something,” Breyer said..

The case the justices were hearing involves arrests police made in 2008 when responding to calls from neighbors complaining about illegal activity at the vacant house in the Anacostia neighborhood, across the river from Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. Police arrived to find the home had been turned into something resembling a strip club. Music was playing. People were drinking. Scantily clad women were performing lap dances wearing cash-stuffed garter belts. Photos from the case show at least three women, one in a pink crocheted top and short skirt.

Partygoers told conflicting stories about mens ballroom dance shoes cheap the party’s occasion, A woman named Peaches, who wasn’t there, was identified by some as the party’s host, Reached by phone, Peaches eventually told police she had invited people to the home but didn’t have the homeowner’s approval to use the place, A total of 21 people were arrested for trespassing, though charges were later dropped, Many of them later sued police over the arrests and were awarded $680,000 plus attorney’s fees..

In addition to deciding whether the officers had sufficient reason to arrest the partygoers, the court also will determine whether the officers should be shielded from liability even if their actions are found to violate the law. The U.S. government and more than two dozen states are supporting the officers. Justice Elena Kagan tapped her own experience in assessing the situation. “There are these parties that, once long ago, I used to be invited to where you didn’t … know the host, but you know Joe is having a party. And I can say that long, long ago, marijuana was maybe present at those parties?” she said.

Kagan expressed skepticism that police were right to arrest the partygoers, as did Justice Sonia Sotomayor, “Twenty-one people en masse arrested for trespassing for going to a party, Does that feel right?” Sotomayor asked Todd S, Kim, the lawyer representing the District of Columbia and its police officers, She later added: “If police officers arrived at a wealthy home and it was white teenagers having a party … I doubt very much those kids would be arrested.”, Important to the case is whether the partiers knew or should have known they were mens ballroom dance shoes cheap trespassing on the property, a brick duplex in what attorneys said was a low-income neighborhood in northeast Washington, The partiers contend they thought they were Peaches’ guests..

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