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Nima Pakravan, an Apple engineer who watched his daughter perform as a flower and a fish, said immigrants have played an important role in Silicon Valley. “A lot of startups were created by Iranians,” he said.  “An Iranian created eBay. Steve Jobs’s father was a Syrian immigrant, that led to the existence of Apple itself. Immigrants are in the fabric of what made Silicon Valley.”. Aryo Nuri, who has been attending the event for years, said the shooting of a Sikh man near Seattle on Friday — the gunman said “go back to your own country” before opening fire — was one example of what a hostile cultural climate can lead to. Witnesses said a similar war cry of “get out of my country” was yelled by Adam Purinton when he opened fire on two Indian men in a restaurant near Kansas City last month. He told dispatchers that he believed the two were from Iran.

Any time Disney remakes one of its animated classics like “Beauty and the Beast,” it obviously comes with expectations, Related ArticlesBox office: ‘Captain Marvel’ conquers again with $69 millionJames Gunn will direct third Guardians movie after allCalifornia Symphony joins forces with ‘Star Wars’ soundtrackWeekend movies: ‘Captive State’ sets alien invasion in ChicagoOff Topic: Trebek returns, ‘Captain Marvel’s’ big bucks, Kim K pays the rent, ‘Super Grouper’Yes, this is an iconic story so beloved that most viewers know how it ends, how it begins, even what happens in the middle, Disney knows this, It also knows that it’s risking a lot of ill will by tampering with a classic — just like it did with live action remakes of “Cinderella” and mens practice dance shoes “The Jungle Book” — and it had better deliver, And, with “Beauty and the Beast,” it does..

And that has a lot to do with Emma Watson. The “Harry Potter” star was an inspired choice to play Belle, the young woman whose father (Kevin Kline) ends up in the dungeon of The Beast (Dan Stevens). Watson is riveting, absolutely grabbing the character’s persona and making it her own. If another actress were to play this role, it’s doubtful the film would work half as well. If you missed the original, Belle’s a European girl from a few centuries back who lives with her father, Maurice, in a small village where people think she’s odd for being a reader. She also happens to be the most beautiful girl in town, inspiring the local big man on campus, Gaston (Luke Evans), to pine for her. But she knows a self-inflated frat boy when she sees one and isn’t interested. Which just makes him more determined. And evil.

But she has bigger problems, Reading this on your phone? Stay up to date on Bay Area and Silicon Valley news with our new, free mobile app, Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store, Her father gets caught in a storm and ends up at the Beast’s castle, where he isn’t exactly welcomed with open, hairy arms, Eventually, Belle she goes looking for dad and winds up offering herself in her father’s place, The Beast is, well, beastly, mens practice dance shoes A former prince with parental issues, he ends up at the wrong end of a nasty curse, which requires him and his staff (who have all been turned into household objects) to find him true love within a certain amount of time, Their fate is tied to his, which increases the stakes, And it’s no easy task, given that the Beast is loud, anti-social and has horns..

The film thrives during its second act, as Watson often commands the screen with little more than the flick of an eyebrow. The CGI effects are eye-popping, especially during the “Be Our Guest” scene, when Belle is entertained by all the household gadgets. It might end up being one of Disney’s greatest song-and-dance numbers ever. Ewan McGregor is wonderful as Lumiere, the talking candlestick, as is Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, the servant-turned-clock. Director Bill Condon knows his way around a musical (“Dreamgirls”) and is mindful of his target audience. He doesn’t let the pace bog down during the musical numbers, so young viewers won’t get bored.

There are times where the music mens practice dance shoes — most of which carried over from Disney’s 1991 animated version — becomes almost overbearing, especially during the finale, when the music and the story line seem to be competing for your attention, But the performances are winning, Stevens, as The Beast, and Evans, as Gaston, manage to not get lost in the glare of Watson’s on-screen dazzle, And Gaston’s villainy is tempered nicely by his sidekick, LeFou  (the always fun Josh Gad), LeFou’s obvious love for the rugged Gaston is a moderately funny subplot throughout the movie, But if you are curious about the much-hyped “exclusively gay” moment Disney promises, forget it, It seems more like a marketing gimmick than anything else, Blink and you’ll miss it..

“Beauty and the Beast” — especially during the big musical numbers — feels more like an old- school Disney film  than anything the studio has done in years. If you’re looking for any great departure from or updating of the animated version, don’t bother. This “Beauty and the Beast” doesn’t have that. But it does have Emma Watson, and that’s enough. ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’. Three stars. Rating: PG (some action, violence, peril and frightening images).

Repealing the Affordable Care Act is like tearing down a new 300-room mansion because you don’t like the wallpaper in one room. People who trusted the government will be hurt, People may die,  Enormous amounts of money already invested will be wasted, Pre-existing mens practice dance shoes conditions may no longer be covered, A human resources director on Facebook wrote that she has spent six years installing the ACA,  She notes that is now interwoven into the fabric of health care providers, health care facilities, and the American population, The providers and facilities have spent millions to set up the ACA system,  There are start-up companies that are making good money at running ACA side businesses – you can’t just repeal it.  The administration has no idea how interwoven this has become into business..

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