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Criminal defense attorney Dan Horowitz, who has been following the case, called the charges appropriate. “The property owner could have been charged but the jury may have hung on that defendant and it would’ve put a cloud over a very good case against the other defendants so it was a judgment call,” Horowitz said. Stanford Law professor Robert Weisberg said charges against Almena and Harris were “inevitable.”. “In theory they could even be second-degree murder charges, but involuntary manslaughter seems a no-brainer,” Weisberg said. “Charges against the owner seem plausible, as well as charges against others who helped run the place or the event. One might infer that some peripheral actors are getting a chance to cut deals to testify against the major actors.”.

Thirty-six people, all but one of them attending a dance party in the upstairs of the warehouse, died mens wide latin dance shoes in the blaze, For family and friends of the fire victims, the arrests bring little comfort, “I just wish that it wasn’t happening at all,” said 60-year-old Enid Dias, a relative of one of the fire victims, 32-year-old musician Brandon Chase Wittenauer, “It doesn’t give any relief to me, I just wish it never happened, “I kind of think it’s gotten harder, because we’re going through a first everything without him,” she said, “Our first Memorial weekend, our first Easter, our first Mother’s Day, How do you say happy Mother’s Day? You can’t, because it’s not happy.”..

Eric Bateman, who performed in the band Easystreet with both Chelsea Faith and Travis Hough — who also died in the fire — said he has “very complicated feelings” about the charges. “How can you go after the people who lived there,” he said, “who in their hearts and minds had a space for performances and the community, and not go after the landlord for not upgrading the electrical system or turning a blind eye to what existed there?”. Both O’Malley and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, however, said Almena and Harris conspired to cover the fact that people were living in the warehouse from authorities and city officials. In one police officer body camera video obtained by this news agency, Almena is seen telling an officer in 2014 that no one lives at the warehouse.

“The reckless and deceptive actions of Derick Almena and Max Harris claimed 36 innocent lives,” Schaaf said, “For years, mens wide latin dance shoes they worked hard to escape legal scrutiny and deceive city officials, Because of their callous disregard for human life, they deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”, A father of three, Almena helped decide who lived and worked in the warehouse while collecting rent that was passed on to Chor Ng, Tenants described Ng as an absentee landlord, whose son Kai and daughter Eva took care of managing the warehouse..

Harris was the doorman the night of the deadly fire and ran a tattoo shop inside the Ghost Ship. “I greeted almost every single person who walked through that door,” Harris said in December, referring to the night of the deadly fire. “And I’m usually the one who says goodbye to them at the end of the night as well.”. The Ghost Ship, at 1315 31st Ave., was zoned and permitted only as a warehouse, but was filled with live-work spaces for artists. Electricity was provided from a wire running through a hole in the wall from an auto body shop next door and extension cords criss-crossed the space like spider webs.

City documents show police officers, firefighters, and code enforcement and building inspectors had dozens of interactions with the collective and the people who lived there, yet none took any action that could mens wide latin dance shoes have led to its closure, Emails and correspondence between tenants and the Ngs showed early knowledge of the haphazard electrical system, and sources told this newspaper that the fire was sparked by an overburdened electrical system, Harris told this newspaper in past interviews that the Ngs blew off his concerns, “Kai Ng totally sidestepped my expression of needing stability,” he said in a phone interview, “I said it was terminal and was getting worse, and he just asked for more money.”..

California relies more on solar energy than any other state in the union. So what happens if the sun doesn’t shine?. That answer will come Aug. 21 when a solar eclipse will cast its shadow over the usually Golden State. It will hit late in the morning during peak solar production time on what normally is one of the hottest days of the year. Last year, California’s solar facilities – from tiny rooftop units to giant desert plants – generated enough electricity to power about 4.7 million homes, according to an industry association. Obviously, most of that clean power was generated when the sun is high.

The eclipse will darken our skies during a time when solar power can account for as much as 40 percent of the load on the statewide electricity grid, Power experts believe as much as two-thirds of that clean energy will be lost as the moon’s shadow rolls across the state, Californians won’t experience a total eclipse, That will happen farther north in Salem, Ore., but we will still see a significant impact, “We have to have things ready so we can fill up this gap quickly,” said Anne Gonzales, a spokeswoman for mens wide latin dance shoes the California Independent System Operator or Cal ISO, which manages the power grid..

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