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And the famous L.A. stand went on to obscurity in Lake Elsinore. “It’s an amazing history,” Nicole Miller said. “We’re sad to see it go. But it’s sat in the storage yard too long. If we can’t use it as part of a future restaurant, at least it can be part of a museum.”. Gelinas, who recently agreed to save and preserve a historic hangar facade seen in the classic film “Casablanca,” aims to fully restore the Pup for hot dog posterity. L.A’s most famous hot dog is expected to arrive at 3 p.m. Thursday for a public welcome at his Print Lab at 13212 Raymer St. in North Hollywood.

From there, he said it will be fully restored and displayed alongside San Fernando Valley keepsakes and signs at a new Valley Relics Museum planned within the next year somewhere near Van Nuys Airport, “I’m super excited about saving another piece of history,” Gelinas said, “This is an iconic facade – and was (itself) a celebrity, We’re glad to get it back to Los Angeles, “We had hoped that it would go (back) to downtown L.A., where it’s from, To serve hot dogs once new pointe shoe design again,” he said..

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have been a physician for 40 years. When introducing myself in social/business situations, I introduce myself as Zachary Welch. I have been told I should introduce myself as Dr. Welch. I feel this is somewhat pretentious. My brother does not introduce himself as Attorney Trevor Welch. GENTLE READER: Over those 40 years, how many times have you hoped to enjoy a relaxing social evening, only to be asked to examine someone’s rash, to give advice about the condition of someone’s relative you haven’t seen, or to listen to a rant about other doctors or health costs?.

Do your advisers assume that you want to encourage more of that sort of thing?, Miss Manners realizes that we live in times when people are constantly touting themselves, and the distinction between work and social life is all but obliterated, Yet you do not have to live like that, Related ArticlesMiss Manners: There’s no special hand gesture to ‘get ladies’Miss Manners: I hid the embarrassing truth about our dinner tabMiss Manners: Surveillance video showed this thief at my partyMiss Manners: My doorbell camera catches my dog walker in the actMiss Manners: How do I eat dessert without this scary tool?The rule new pointe shoe design against using a title for oneself — whether it is doctor, duke, Mr, or Mrs, — when it is not a professional necessity has not been repealed, Should you not feel the need to brag or to drum up business when you are off duty, you should follow it..

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I invited nine people for dinner, and I furnished and prepared the meal. Several of the guests sent me some form of thank-you. Hooray! What is puzzling me is that the respondents thanked me for hosting the event. In my mind, “hosting” does not convey a reflection of my effort and expense. I could have “hosted” a potluck dinner. Am I just out of step on this phraseology?. GENTLE READER: In Miss Manners’ mind, “host” is not a verb, but we will let that pass.

Your guests were thanking you for your hospitality, which includes providing the food and the expense, (At a new pointe shoe design potluck dinner, the host’s functions are split among the guests, rather than belonging exclusively to the person in whose house it is held.) Miss Manners is sorry that you did not receive the ecstatic testimonials you were expecting, but they were not required, DEAR MISS MANNERS: My 60-year-old husband of 38 years has been asked to be a groomsman — one of seven — for our 35-year-old part-time employee of 15 years, At what point during the reception will his responsibilities to the corresponding bridesmaid be fulfilled? I know I will want to spend some time with him on the dance floor..

GENTLE READER: Being a groomsman does not constitute being on a blind date with a bridesmaid. Miss Manners assures you that you will get him back. Very likely, there will be such a person next to him during the recessional, and it is even possible that the wedding party may be asked to dance with one another once by way of encouraging general dancing. It would be gracious for him to mix a bit with the other guests, but it would be equally gracious for you to join him in doing so. (Please send your questions to Miss Manners at her website,; to her email,; or through postal mail to Miss Manners, Andrews McMeel Syndication, 1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106.).

You would expect Santa Clara University’s commencement to be a special event for twenty-something students ready to get their lives started, But it’s also an important moment for Mary Ellen and Michael new pointe shoe design Fox Sr., who have been presented with honorary doctorates from SCU, In the announcement for the honor, Santa Clara University President Rev. Michael Engh said it recognizes the Saratoga couple’s philanthropic efforts not only for SCU but throughout the valley, The couple’s generosity, he said, “reflects acceptance of the dignity of every person.”..

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