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Stagecoach’s art is folksy, with oversized rocking chairs and cowboy boots spread throughout the grounds. The popular tractor exhibit is back again, too. Coachella’s towering art changes from year to year and tends to be more colorful. However, one installation from Coachella, the towering “Crown Ether” treehouse, is still in the middle of the grounds. And at both festivals, the art provides perfect backdrops for social media profile photos. 5. The food. Do you like meat? What about more meat? Stagecoach is for the carnivore inside its fans, with the aroma of smoked meats wafting through the air. The annual barbecue competitions have become part of the festival’s culture. (Not to worry, there are still vegetarian and vegan options, too.).

There are a lot of fair-style foods at Stagecoach, too, Coachella has gone high end with its culinary offerings in recent years, offering everything from Indio pop-up outposts of some of L.A.’s hottest restaurants to celebrity chef family-style dinners with Outstanding in the Field, But, there is more than the usual pizza and chicken tenders crossover at the festivals this year – the popular Korean barbecue taco fusion Kogi BBQ had a old pointe shoes booth at Coachella and has its actual food truck at Stagecoach, And for Stagecoach, it’s open to the public, not hidden in the VIP area..

The national touring production of “The Bodyguard,” starring Grammy Award-nominated R&B singer Deborah Cox, runs April 25-30 at San Jose's Center for the Performing Arts. Twenty-five years ago, singer Whitney Houston made her acting debut in “The Bodyguard,” a romantic thriller that weaved together such memorable songs as “I Will Always Love You” and “I’m Every Woman.” To this day, the film boasts the best-selling soundtrack of all time. Stepping into Houston’s massive shoes, Deborah Cox, a Grammy-nominated R&B and pop artist in her own right, will be giving life to the late singer’s character in a new touring musical based on the film, playing through Sunday at San Jose’s Center for Performing Arts.

Based on Lawrence Kasdan’s 1992 Oscar-nominated film and adapted by old pointe shoes Academy Award-winning screenwriter Alexander Dinelaris, “The Bodyguard” is a romantic thriller about Rachel Marron (played by Cox), a music star who is enjoying the pinnacle of her career, but also a mother and businesswoman who learns she’s being stalked so has her team hire a Secret Service agent-turned-bodyguard (Judson Mills) who she ends up falling in love with, Mills is a TV actor known for his performances as Texas Ranger Francis Gage in “Walker, Texas Ranger” and Alexander “Hutch” Hutchinson on “As the World Turns.”..

On a professional level, Cox said she found herself relating a lot to her character. Among the more salient similarities are that both she and Rachel have successful music careers and teams that help them make decisions about their life and career. And, they both have young sons. “I find that I can relate to Rachel in the sense that she’s trying to balance life and career while in the midst of keeping her loved ones close and safe while there’s a threat of a stalker looming as well,” said Cox. “I’d say that she’s a really complex character because she can’t let her guard down for a minute.”.

To date, Cox hasn’t had any stalkers of her own, “I’ve had to deal with people that were extremely fanatic,” she said, but old pointe shoes “no, thank God, knock on wood, I’ve never had to deal with a stalker.”, With acting chops like Cox’s, nobody’s the wiser, She said producers initially approached her about the role, and after reading the script, she took an immediate interest, having seen and loved the movie and soundtrack, “I’d never seen the show, so I didn’t really have any reference,” she said, “I just read the script and I thought it was a really good project that I could sink my teeth into.”..

While she came into the role ready for the singing and acting, Cox said she wasn’t quite as prepared for the physical demands required of her character. ‘It’s a very physical role,” she said. “There’s a lot of dancing and I’m on stage about 95 percent of the time. It’s something that I had to really adjust to.”. To cope, she said she has made sure to fit plenty of relaxation time into her tour schedule, along with weekly massages and resting her voice. It’s a regimen she’ll likely continue when she comes to San Jose next week. While she has visited San Francisco and Sacramento before, it’ll be her first time in the South Bay, she said, and she’s looking forward to exploring the area when she’s not on stage or occupied with press functions.

After San Jose and the conclusion of the tour, Cox’s plans for the immediate future are a little less concrete, but they just might include a stop on Broadway, more records and even films, The sky seems to be the limit for the star, “I plan on continuing to record more and finding more projects that allow me to be a full artist,” she said, Rounding out the old pointe shoes cast of “The Broadway” are Alex Corrado as Tony Scibelli, Rachel’s personal security guard; Jarid Faubel as FBI agent Ray Court; Charles Gray as manager Bill Devaney; Jonathan Hadley as publicist Sy Spector; Jorge Paniagua as the stalker; Jasmin Richardson as Rachel’s sister Nicki Marron; and Douglas Baldeo and Kevelin B, Jones III, who alternate in the role of Rachel’s son, Fletcher..

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