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BERKELEY — Police are facing criticism for not acting more forcefully against masked agitators who threw rocks and set fires during a Feb. 1 campus protest against alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, leading to the cancellation of his 8 p.m. show at UC Berkeley’s Pauley Ballroom. But a UC Berkeley police sergeant who was on duty at the protest denied allegations on social media and other various media outlets that police were told to stand down and do nothing. And a university spokesman said what police did was “completely consistent” with the 2012 Robinson-Edley Report, “Response to Protests on UC Campuses,” prepared in the wake of a 2011 pepper-spray incident at UC Davis and confrontations at UC Berkeley a few days earlier.

The Feb, 1 protest had been pointe shoe hardener billed as a dance party on Sproul Plaza, Several hundred people were outside the venue, but a group of about 100 to 150 people mostly dressed in black, their faces masked with bandanas or other coverings, infiltrated the gathering and threw rocks and firecrackers, broke windows using barricades as battering rams, and set fires, including one to a generator immediately outside the venue that also singed a tree, University officials canceled the event around 6:15 p.m, citing concerns for Yiannopoulos’ safety, UC police officials said extra officers from campuses throughout the state assisted in crowd-control measures, including preparation with university officials and the Berkeley College Republicans, who hosted the canceled event, The Oakland Police Department and Alameda County Sheriff were called in for mutual aid..

“While many in the public seem to be focused on the fact that there was one arrest that night, there’s another number far more important to the university,” Mogulof said. “In the context of the chaos, and that a crowd of 1,500 people had been infiltrated by as many as 150 members of a violent paramilitary group, there were only six minor injuries. “Those people did not come to lock arms and sing ‘We Shall Overcome,'” Mogulof continued. “If the police had waded into that crowd in an attempt to make arrests, there would almost certainly have been violent confrontations leading to serious injury among innocent bystanders.”.

On Thursday, UC Berkeley police made two additional arrests in connection with an assault on a member of the UC Berkeley College Republicans, Typical of the criticism surfacing in various media is a Feb, 2 Epoch Times report citing allegations on Twitter that riot police were ordered to stand down and showing a photo from a discussion forum on the news aggregation site Reddit showing police standing inside a building, “Here is a pic I got after the speech cancellation of nearly 100 SWAT and campus police sitting inside the student union building doing NOTHING while people were getting beaten outside,” the forum user is quoted by Epoch, “WHO told them to pointe shoe hardener stand down?”..

UC Police Sgt. Nicolas Hernandez, who was on duty during the protest and reached at the UC Police Department on Friday, said there was no blanket statement to do nothing. “I was never told to stand down,” Hernandez said, “but as far as what general orders were for what the command staff were doing, I can’t say. “I was part of a team that rescued someone who got injured,” Hernandez said. That person eventually received medical attention, he added. Mogulof said UC police are involved in “a very serious investigation” with the goal of bringing the masked agitators, sometimes referred to as “black bloc anarchists,”  to justice, and that other departments are studying the group as well.

The Lunar New Year, celebrated by Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asians all over the world, began on Saturday, Jan, 28 to mark the start of the Year of the Rooster, On Saturday, the Great Mall hosted its own Chinese New Year celebration with live performances, giveaways and activities, This is the third year the mall has held the celebratory event, Youngsters from Pleasanton-based Kungfu pointe shoe hardener Dragon USA performed a traditional lion and dragon dance, as well as kung fu demonstrations for mall-goers who gathered near Entrance 2..

Attendees also had the chance to win money as the Great Mall gave away 500 lucky red envelopes with a chance to win Great Mall retailer gift cards valued between $10 and $50. Envelopes that did not contain money were filled with chocolate gold coins. Children also had the opportunity to get artsy by designing a lantern, crafting a rooster keepsake and receiving their own traditional silk fan, hand-painted by a professional caricaturist. The Lunar New Year, commonly known as Chinese New Year, is one of the biggest and most highly-anticipated holidays of the year for the Asian-American community. It is all about starting the new year positively with a clean slate, in a clean home with family and friends attired in brand new clothing, partaking in traditional and symbolic foods.

The lunar calendar is Zodiac-based, with 12 animals: the pointe shoe hardener rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig, A person born in a certain zodiac year is said to share certain characteristics with the zodiac animal of that year, Some superstitions that come with the holiday are that: all cleaning has to be done before the holiday to prevent sweeping all good luck out the front door; all debts and loans must be repaid in order to start the new year fresh, or continue and finish the year in dire financial straits, Sharp objects are the harbingers of bad luck so they must all be put away, Tales of ghosts, death and dying are also forbidden during the holiday..

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